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It’s Friday night and I’m feelin’ alright.

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Had a pretty good night with the babes. Found myself saying ‘yes’ to most of the activities they proposed: Play-dough; Dance party; Inside Out; Tubbie; Books; etc. It has been a nice night overall.

And now? I’m here.


Because that’s how I roll…


In other news this week, I’ve been trying to figure out this whole ‘twitting’ thing (I jest). First, I keep laughing at myself because I realize I’m a good 10 years late to the party, but hey. Better late than never. As I explore, I’m getting a bit more adventurous and looking further into people’s profiles – specifically sober people’s profiles and feeds. It’s interesting and humbling when I actually figure out how to do it. *smile*

My current favorite intrigue on Twitter is The Rooms Project @throomsproject Have any of you looked into this or heard of this project before? Their main Twitter page alone is just awe-inspiring. I want to dive into every story and learn more and more!

I’m finding authors and other bloggers and writers from all over the place in the TweetWorld, which is so cool to think we’re SO close to one another with just a few quick keystrokes. (And yes, I know you and I are only a few bytes away from one another, but us bloggers, we’re invested in one another. We are here for the long haul, my dear brothers and sisters. We read far more than the standard 140-character tweets. We are the 5-course meal to the Twits’ 2 carrot sticks and a diet Coke.)

Oh, whoops. I just lost all of my Twitty followers by that droll comparison… But anyway!

Granted, my teenaged students discovered this interconnected, technological wonder-world when they were 8 years old (at the oldest – I’m being kind to myself), but seriously. How cool. I tweeted Sarah Hepola awhile ago (Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget) and was almost instantly responded to. I have a good friend who tweets authors regularly. I’m going to have to start doing that. Asap. (I just pronounced that ‘a sap’ in my head instead of the usual ‘AaaaaSap’, and it made me giggle (And I’m not even drinking, people! (It really is Friday night, isn’t it?)))

Right. Well, along with discovering other cool people and organizations, I’m trying to figure out what exactly to twit. I know for certain it is connected and about my sobriety and recovery, but I’m trying to figure out what exactly to say, so I’m experimenting. Testing the electronic waters, if you will.

So, yesterday, while on Twitter, I had the thought – How many days did I waste drinking? Here’s what I found once I did all the math….

Heya, Monster@heyamonster
Est. 5 hours/day/week = 1820 hours/year x 15 years = 27300 hours = 1137.5 days Wow.


Do you see what I see? One-thousand, one-hundred and thirty-seven point five mother fucking days!!! And that is a low-ball estimate. I didn’t include the all-day drinks, the all-day hangovers, the all-night parties, nor the binges that sometimes started at noon.


Over three YEARS of my life have been lived drinking, tipsy, drunk, blacked out, and/or ridiculously uninhibited (to the point on many occasions, I wish I had had some inhibitions). That’s a lot of Time.

Thank goodness I figured it out when I did. Like right now? I have 4.7 months back. 4.7 months that have been completely mine – the good, the bad, the ugly, the stunning, the frustrating, the inspiring, etc., and all of them, every moment has been mine! Clear and present to what the world gives me.

Day 143, Ordinary Reality is Extraordinary.*


Good ‘morrow, fair Internettians.

I’ve begun a ‘movement’ (of one thus far) on the Twitterverse… #alcoholnotincluded ….. I think it’s fun. It’s playful. And? It’s awesome to think, ‘Fuck yeah, I’m doing this!’ (i.e. Empowering) I would love for You and You and You to join me in it. The great thing in Sobriety is that absolutely everything is included under the title. Hee. I wake-up? #alcoholnotincluded I get shit done at work? #alcoholnotincluded I kiss my husband? #alcoholnotincluded I chase my kids? #alcoholnotincluded I mow the lawn, power wash the carpets, weed the gardens, and dig up a few mega-cement garden blocks all before dinner? Yeah… #alcoholnotincluded (That was yesterday, p.s.) It’s great. And I like catchy little jingly phrases like that, so? Funsies. Join me, cool cats. p.p.s. My Twitter – @heyamonster (Please note, I’m not super-prolific as I don’t quite understand the whole twitting world just yet, but I’m finding my wings, slowly but surely….)

Then, I made mention to abbiegirl about drinking NA beer a few times here and there when I’ve been out with friends or family. The first night I had two, because it was kind of an automatic to want More, but then the next day I realized I was just wasting calories. Since I wasn’t actually drinking for a buzz, and rather it was more for the taste, the next two times I was out, I only had one NA beer and then switched to water the rest of the time. abbiegirl was kind enough to advise me about a study done in 2011, or thereabouts, regarding the dangers of NA beer and alcoholism. I found a summary of it here, and think it’s rather interesting. A few other articles I surfed around on mentioned the same study, but they used more inflammatory language, so that’s why I chose the article I did. What are your thoughts, World?

I have to say I’m torn. I see the basis of the study. Intellectually, I get it. But emotionally? And even physically, I just like the taste of a beer once in a while. I’ve been hyper-vigilant that they actually serve me the NA variety (I prefer St. Pauli or Becks to O’Douls), and as I said, drink it for the taste rather than the effect. A huge step, I think. I know my purpose is to not get drunk, or even slightly altered. If I only drink an NA beer every once in awhile, am I really flirting with disaster, or am I conscious enough of the potential dangers that I will be okay? Hrm. Frustrating because Science…. Sometimes our innate selves just take over. Perhaps if I find myself looking forward to an NA beer, or thinking of it as a reward, then I would definitely stop it right away. But as it stands now? It doesn’t feel like a problem. What are your experiences/in-put?

And my PSA for the day… I have discovered my new favorite drink. Target’s Market Pantry Brand Sparkling Water!

My new thang...

My new thang…

In fact, I loaded up on bottles of it yesterday (approximately ten), because I’ve been drinking it so much in the evening. The best things about it? 1. It’s delicious, and A. It’s cheap! Like super-cheap. Like less than a 20 oz. bottle of soda cheap. The other day it was on sale for $.52, and regularly it sells for $.69. And I think you get a liter! Sheesh. Great deal. I’m not sure if you can get it outside of the States, but if you can, give it a try…. It comes in several yummy flavors, such as ….

  • (My aforementioned fave) Cherry Limeade
  • Peach Mango (Another delisch combo)
  • Fuji Apple
  • Tangerine Lime
  • Raspberry Blackberry
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Pomegranate Cherry

So, there you go. I need to make my way through all of the kinds, but yuuuuum. I really like it at night when my stomach just wants some bubbles. Hits the spot.

Alright, there you go. I’m off to corral the children for a little while longer before we take them to see the Minions movie. My feminist hackles are up, though, because of the first movie… It will be ridiculous (good), but I am always looking for ‘lessons’ being transmitted to my babes subconsciously, which I then must shed light on. … Man, being an adult is workworkwork, isn’t it? *smile*

Day 49, Almost half-way to 100!

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