Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Who I Am.

1. A strong woman

2. In her 30s

3. Fighting for sobriety,

4. Balance,

5. Mental health,

6. (Not so many Cheap Thrills),

7. & Happiness.

Small Print: Heya, Monster is also a fanatic reader of all things fiction, lover of coffee, art, her beautiful children, the loving hubs, font types, 
swearing, occasional bouts of exercise, and theatre - especially WPS (William P. Shakespeare). Oh, and she's tall.

13 thoughts on “Who I Am.

  1. I love this. You sound fabulous.


  2. Thank you for finding me! You, m’dear, sound equally fabulous.*

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  3. We actually sound quite alike. Except that I am very, very short.


  4. This made me laugh aloud. Ha!


  5. Untipsyteacher on said:

    Dear Heya, Monster,
    I saw that you live in the TC area!
    So do I.
    Let me know if you eve want to meet!

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  6. I am, and of course! Thank you for finding me, Wendy.* Let’s connect via email.

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  7. Untipsyteacher on said:

    I can’t figure out how to e-mail you.
    I am at


  8. This might be the best About page I’ve ever seen. Also love your header and the quote. I’m struggling with mental health myself after the birth of my 4th child. I can see you ARE a strong woman. Hope to connect more through our blogging adventures now that I found you.

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  9. Huge praise. Gah. Thank you.* Connect=Yes!

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  10. Secret Quitter on said:

    Your blog is inspiring me, as is your story. You are weathering hard times with grace right now. My wish is for you to land on your feet in an even better situation with good leaders and a happy work environment. Thank you for your posts. Like you, I’m in my mid 30s, kids, (although not very tall), quitting an unhealthy habit, and trying to be a better me. I’m working on joining this wonderful blog community myself. So glad to have found you.

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  11. SQ, I’m so glad to hear from you, and to know you are here building a community around you – so awesome. I count myself lucky to be part of it. Truly. Reach out anytime.* I am here, as are many others, who only want to support you and lift you up in your journey. …. Also, thank you for the kind well-wishes.* I still grieving my loss, but with a position and, from all accounts, a phenomenal school on the horizon, I know there is a thing to look toward. Please, don’t be a stranger.* -HM.

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  12. Just found your blog. It is really inspiring. I am coming up
    to 6 months and have been reading about how you were feeling at the same stage and what might be ahead. I have a long history of anxiety and depression but since becoming sober I am so much better. I feel like myself again. I will be following your journey. Tori X

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  13. Tori, it’s so great to meet you. And congratulations on 6 months! That’s huge. Amazing. Incredible. *smile* I’m glad to hear your sobriety is helping you in so many ways – I find similar benefits because of mine as well. Again, so happy to know you’re here.* Truly, -HM.


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