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Still Here.

Heya, Friends.*

Here’s my semi-somewhat-every-once-in-awhile check-in to say I’m still here. Thought about sobriety quite a lot the past few months, considering the possibility of scrapping it and being frustrated that I didn’t have an outlet to just let go. I was feeling kind of low and, of course as is usually always the case, didn’t know it while I was in the thick of it. But? I knuckled through it, joking every once in awhile with the hubs the ‘What if?’ To which he would say that would be dumb, or a bad idea, or why, or don’t be stupid, or not for you….. And he was always right, and I knew it. Glad and lucky to be living so close to the Voice of Reason. *smile* I reached out to my therapist – it usually happens about once a year or so now. When I saw her a week or two later, the cloud had passed. She reminded me to reach out sooner next time, so hey. If you’re someone like me, here’s your wake-up call to reach out Now. Don’t be a dummy (says my dad). Do it NOW. You’ll feel better. Seriously. I generally have to learn a lesson twelve to seventy-nine times before it really sinks in, so you can be sure of a similar anecdote in another year or so. hee. I’m doing better now. The sun has come up. Glad I didn’t cave or give in or throw it all over in a stupid, rash decision. It still sucks sometimes, which I think is really my bipolar depression looking for a little comfort and soothing. So not the addiction exactly, if that makes sense? But still, not a monster I want to wake-up by any stretch of the imagination.

Happy March, Dear Ones. ❤️

Day 1,737. Aw, yeah.

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