Heya, Monster.

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Check-In & Check-Ups

Good morning, Friends.*

Long time. Long, long time since I sat down. Sat down, period. But also sat down to write. Things have been rough. Friends ask me how my year has been pretty regularly these days as the school year is winding down. And my honest answer is always, ‘It’s been a tough year.’ Because it has. In so many ways. Low lows. And high highs. But those lows seem to be long-lasting, and the highs momentary.

Cut to the chase, I’m still sober. Win. Wonder. Achievement. Power. Got it. Haven’t lost it. …. Thought about it as a mental exercise of sorts a few times, but more philosophical than worrisome or actual, if that makes sense? Like remembering those days when I could and did just check out mentally, physically, and all sorts of -ally’s. A little jealous of the checking out, but then, walking away from the idea because sober is better. Even when Life is not.

The year has been tough because of work stress. I’ve felt unsupported or taken care of by administration in a coworker situation. Even though the situation required action, it took 5 months for that action to happen. In the meantime, my prolonged stress/cortisol levels probably affected my heart. I now have an electrical issue – an arrhythmia, and a low-grade fever which shows up every few days, which I have been trying for the past three months to figure out. Been to the doctor at least 15 times. Have finally gotten a referral to a cardiologist this month. Good news is that monitoring has showed that my heart muscle is normal and very healthy. It’s just out of sync with itself. (Tell me about it, Heart. I know exactly what you’re going through.)

Other stress was a big project fell in my lap, again without any support.

I teach full-time, and I direct 2 shows and assisted a third over the school year.

I was missing my kids, my family. I was missing time to take care of myself. To feel balanced. I just felt like I was/am pouring myself into this school and the institution is not giving me a whole heck of a lot back.

This place was supposed to be my knight in shining armor. And it is in some ways. But in others, I am just alone on so many things. Somewhat the nature of teaching, but this feels above and beyond – in a bad way. …. Below and super-close? … Nope. Not the same kind of ring. … Anyway, the leadership does not lead. By action. ….. By word, yes, but it’s just to make everyone like them. The leadership has no identity, because they don’t take a stand on anything. I don’t know who they are. It is the most mind-boggling thing, because what are they getting paid all the money for? Drives. Me. Crazy. I don’t want a nice guy or guys. I want a Leader. Argh.

Having my girl with me during the school day is amazing. Knowing my son will join us next year makes everything even better in that regard. …. But knowing that my school day-interactions with them are about all I see them breaks my heart. … Part of it is the nature of theatre. But with all the added stress this year, even when I do get home I have so much to get done when I’m actually there like cleaning the living room, or so maxed out that I zone out to dumb YouTube videos,Β  that we just don’t have more than 20 minutes together most days. It’s crazy.

I feel like I’m missing them. I don’t want to miss them.

Also? I got shingles on my birthday. Um, what?! That’s not fair. …. Although it made me slow down for a week. I was OUT. It was horrible, and I only had the smallest patch of pox, but it knocked me down and again, OUT.

Okay. So, yeah. Tough year. Tough, tough year.

Good things? They were there, too, in the midst.

  • My sister had a beautiful baby girl. Oh, my word, so beautiful.
  • My PapaBear had a health scare, but came out of it on the other side. Working on staying healthy – just like all of us. *smile*
  • The shows I directed went off incredibly well. Students have grown so much in just two years. A definite culture is being created in the department, and it makes us all stronger and better. I love the relationships forming. (High schoolers here.)
  • I love Middle Schoolers. They’re so great.
  • Directing a show at my outdoor company, which I’ve wanted them to stage for 20 years. It’s fun and light and silly, and a lovely antidote to my year.
  • My daughter is amazing and smart and hilarious, and is overcoming her ‘worry voice’ a little bit at a time.
  • My son has taken off on the piano and loves all things music, which I knew from the beginning he would.
  • The hubs is freaking out about playing Antony in Shakespeare’s ‘Antony & Cleopatra,’ but I know he will be amazing. This is the hard part.
  • Time has been spent in the yard and the gardens. Dirt smells so good.
  • Music is being listened to.
  • Like I said before, still sober. *flex*
  • Good, healthy food is being eaten. I’ve been trying to ‘eat clean,’ and have been quite successful at it these past two and a half weeks. I feel really good because of it.
  • Connected to that, exercise has happened more in the past month than in the past year. *smile*
  • I played ‘Family’ with my babes last night. We went camping, built a campfire, paddled a canoe, caught a huge fish, a school of fish, oysters, clams, crab legs, and a treasure chest. It was quite the trip. *smile*
  • My cat feels less neglected, as I am petting and cuddling her regularly, as opposed to pushing her away because I don’t want to be needed.
  • Even with all the health concerns and hassle, I’ve been proactive and spoken up and tried to figure out what the heck is going on. In my drinking days, I probably would have let it slide and figured it out later.
  • Similarly, with the job, I’ve signed for next year, but I am still considering options. Trying to figure out what that might look like or be, etc. Just keeping my mind open to the possibility helps me feel less ‘stuck.’
  • Summer is almost here. Just around the corner. Literally – next week. Cannot wait.
  • And dates are coming up, too. The hubs and I are celebrating our 10-year anniversary on Thursday, and my 3-year sober date is Saturday. Wow!

….. See? Lots of good things in the past month, especially.

Day 1,092. Heya. I missed ya.*

-HM.Β MmVhV9cm_400x400




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12 thoughts on “Check-In & Check-Ups

  1. Heya Monster!!!!!
    Good to see you are back! And wow, what a year you are having! And yes; I am not surprised that your heart says that it has a little difficulty to catch up. I had rythm issues with my heart. and started eating the heart of aleo vera leaves. No idea why it works, but for me it does. πŸ™‚
    Wishing you a wonderful anniversary and soberversary. ❀
    Take care.
    xx, Feeling

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  2. Wow Wow Wow!! So glad you checked in. I see what you mean – great highs but that nagging stress of ‘adults’ at work. Yeah for summer family time!

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  3. Robert Crisp on said:

    Good to see/read you again. I know how it feels to have leadership that doesn’t know its identity…it’s bad for the teachers and the kids. I had to bow out of that line of work because the stress was just too much. Keep focusing on self-care (and time with your family) and maybe another option will present itself. : )

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  4. Just hugs!
    Thank you for letting us know how you are doing, and I am so sorry you have not been supported in your job. Teaching is hard enough even when we have good support!

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  5. Wow. Lots going on.
    I hope the hard parts resolve and you find a bit more family time.
    Take care!

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  6. Feeling, hello! 😊 I am so happy to see you. I will definitely try the aloe vera leaves – thank you for the recommendation. It was a good anniversary (we remembered it – heehee), and are planning on dining out tomorrow to celebrate. 3 years ago today. Woot. The world is a different, better, bigger, more beautiful place. ❀️ to you.* -HM.

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  7. Amen to that. 😊 Summer is the best.*


  8. Thank you, Robert. Yes, it is definitely not ideal, which is frustrating because the school presents itself in such a different light. It’s hard, too, because that first impression is so lovely. …. Yes, trying to focus on self-care and family time – the most healing thing of all. 😊 Hope you are well! -HM.


  9. Hello, Wendy. So true about the support. Hrm. …. Also? It’s been three years. Let’s meet up this summer. 😊 Super-Goals. *flex* -HM.

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  10. Hello, Anne, and thank you.* I hope you are well and wonderful and listening to lots of music. 😊 -HM.

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  11. Gheghe ‘we remembered it’. Took me a while before that sank in. Glad you remembered it, you make the workd a better and more beautiful world. ❀
    xx, Feeling


  12. Stupid pesky annoying day job! I have one as well and I’d like to say it takes up a lot of my time!! But I guess we will suck it up, right? I’d say you are totally prevailing here. Isn’t it interesting that, when you’re life is in “full swing” as yours is, that you have to wonder how you ever had time to drink? OOh, also Happy Sobervesary!! We both have 3 now. AWESOME. Very happy to see your post:)


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