Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Stretched Thin p.p.s.

To say what Feeling says, I am happy I quit. Truly.

Thinking of the three years some more, the first was soothing and focused on loving Me for Me. The second was huge transition and feeling kindness all around me as I recentered myself and my family. Now, in Year 3, I’m a good chunk of the way in, but I don’t feel purposeful. I feel like I am maintaining, but not growing. I don’t care for that feeling. Hrm.

…. Just more digesting. And again, spinning a bit. Time for bed, I think.

It will get better. I know it will.

Day 868. Still.

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5 thoughts on “Stretched Thin p.p.s.

  1. mishedup on said:

    It will get better, for sure.
    And you will feel kindness and love and a sense of purpose, and fear and anger and spinning your wheels…
    and what we know?
    Feelings are not facts.
    They feel like facts when we are in them, but…nuh-uh. Nope.

    You have come so far….your journey is amazing. I am so glad you checked in.

    Now get some sleep, stop thinking so much and slay some monsters!!



  2. Sometime progress is invisible. But going backwards is not a better alternative.
    Wait and see.
    I often try to think back to my first week of sobriety and just how horrible and anxious and insane I was…but how I already knew then I felt relief.

    I much prefer the contentment of regular life.
    Hug hug hug.



  3. I know you will. ❤
    xx, Feeling


  4. Hey you, you ok? xx, Feeling


  5. Sometimes we just have to sit with it. With that feeling. Its just a thought after all. You have a purpose, you are alive! lots and lots of xxxxx


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