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Tres Belle.

Hello, friends.* A check-in email I wrote to the fabulous Belle (tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com) this morning…..

Hello, dear Belle.*

I am doing very well. Getting my life slowly reconfigured with a new job, new community, new school for my babe. Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated in style and not-style with new friends and family. I attended a lovely gala event in the evening and all night, I kept finding myself watching another woman who looked like she had a had a long, hard week planning it all, and last night, she decided to celebrate and let loose. All the signs were there, and I kept thinking I was looking in a mirror to my not-very-distant past. I kept wishing good things for her and also, that this is not a regular occurrence. While at the same time, I felt thankful to be enjoying the evening 100% as myself. My water tasted delicious, as did the food. And even in a few moments of awkward quiet when my seat mates’ attentions were directed to the other sides of them, I was good and okay in the awkward. And this morning? I can remember the whole damn evening. A birthday gift indeed.*

Day 635, sobirthdays are the best.*


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3 thoughts on “Tres Belle.

  1. Happy belated birthday. It’s interesting to watch others. Drinking always looks tiring to me. I’m not sure how I did it for so long….


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  2. Happy belated birthday and congrats on 635+ days 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday!!
    🎈 🎈🎈
    I agree with Anne, that lately drinking looks tiring!
    I am still learning how to get through the awkward moments!
    Happy 635 days!


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