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Marchin’ Along…

Hello, friends.* Happy last day of March.


It has been a full and not-full month, which has been lovely. I am currently on Spring Break through Sunday, and am trying my best to relax and enjoy the time I have left with my babes and the hubs. Currently, I have a bit of chasing planned (or ‘errands’ as the rest of the world calls them). Then, I hope to spend some time outside this afternoon, followed by some ice cream time with the babes (yum!), and then dinner at friends’ house, with all our babes in tow. Tomorrow, we celebrate our dear friend’s baby shower, which is made extra special by the fact the couple has had such difficulty conceiving. I am so excited to rejoice with them. (SideNote: Why is the word ‘rejoice’ so biblical? It really is, I can’t get around it, but it is the sentiment I am going for. Hrm.)

Other news in ‘March’ ….. As I said in my earlier post, ’twas my birthday, which was lovely. I am feeling so much wiser, if not older. *smile*

I’ve been feeling a bit moody and low lately – maybe the last 2-3 weeks, which has erupted in irritation and short-temperedness these past 6 or 7 days. Some of it is anxiety-related, I know, based on getting back to school on Monday and diving into our show. The following three weeks will be the home stretch of our show, which opens the end of April. I am just feeling worried about getting it all done, and on top of ‘done,’ fucking awesome. No pressure, though, right? *smile*

With the mood-stuff, my meds have been out of whack since I got so sick last month. So I headed into my shrink yesterday, which was helpful to share, and then to also come up with a plan of attack if things don’t get straightened out. She also recommend I check-in with my therapist, so on the way home, I called her and set-up and appointment in about a week. All good. All productive. (See? I do feel wiser. *smile*)

Lastly, I love March! I love that we are lucky enough to have a bit of an early spring this year. The smell of spring is in the air, and it makes me So. Happy.

I’ve also been doing some reading, one trilogy in particular, which is aptly named ‘March.’ It’s about and by John Lewis, and follows his career and call to action and justice work. Very informative, and inspiring. It should be required reading for all 14-year olds everywhere, I think.

With that, I must run. Hope all is well with you and you and you and you…. *smile*

Day 661, Nevertheless, she persisted. (So many meanings, right?) *flex*


Tres Belle.

Hello, friends.* A check-in email I wrote to the fabulous Belle (tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com) this morning…..

Hello, dear Belle.*

I am doing very well. Getting my life slowly reconfigured with a new job, new community, new school for my babe. Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated in style and not-style with new friends and family. I attended a lovely gala event in the evening and all night, I kept finding myself watching another woman who looked like she had a had a long, hard week planning it all, and last night, she decided to celebrate and let loose. All the signs were there, and I kept thinking I was looking in a mirror to my not-very-distant past. I kept wishing good things for her and also, that this is not a regular occurrence. While at the same time, I felt thankful to be enjoying the evening 100% as myself. My water tasted delicious, as did the food. And even in a few moments of awkward quiet when my seat mates’ attentions were directed to the other sides of them, I was good and okay in the awkward. And this morning? I can remember the whole damn evening. A birthday gift indeed.*

Day 635, sobirthdays are the best.*

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