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Made It.

Hello, everyone.* Yow. I’m here and almost missed the month of January. It’s been a busy one (as per usual). After about two-and-a-half weeks straight, I finally had a day at home today to be lazy, rest, and spend time with the fam. Opened my first real show at my new school on Friday evening. It was beautiful and b889325f0a0775c5dcb14de9156018d8strong, and I was so proud of everyone. We had come a long, long way, particularly in the last week. To send it all into even more of a whirlwind our girl was incredibly sick from Wednesday evening, through the night, and up until this morning. Poor babe. The days have been long for this artist-mama, and I am glad to be sitting here in slippers and sweater, listening to two sweet babes play in the tub. Tomorrow starts another week of school, but with this past week’s mountain climbed and conquered, I feel able to enjoy the work. Thank goodness I am not drinking, or these past couple of weeks would have been infinitely more difficult. ….. I look at my life now and wonder how I even made it through my days and nights the way I did. I can’t even believe it. It is truly unimaginable how I managed. I don’t dwell often on this thought, but when I do, it makes me savor and appreciate my life all the more Now…. Even Especially when it’s challenging.

Day 600, Yow! What an awesome surprise to accompany a very mundane check-in. *smile* I am going to have to start planning my next star tattoo to mark Year 2….

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10 thoughts on “Made It.

  1. 600 days is amazing. Congratulations!!

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  2. Carrie Ann on said:

    600! Rock on, artist, Mama! I started this show a couple days after I stopped drinking…My 90 days will come after it closes – I already know what you mean by wondering how I ever did this while drinking. Craziness. Congrats on your show and your 600 days!

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  3. Way to go! Congrats on 600!


  4. Aw, thank you! *smile*

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  5. That’s awesome. Do you find your creativity sharper? I feel like I got my brain back in a million ways – especially with my art. So rewarding.* And fun! p.s. Which show are you working on?

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  6. 600 days – what a great number. And isn’t it awesome being able to function so well, especially around our poorly little people. Feels so good. Red xx

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  7. Yay!
    Happy Day 600!!
    I look back and wonder that too.
    How was I able to manage things…well not very well!

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  8. Hi, HM! Way to go, Lady! Remember when life was all hard because we were hungover most of the time?? SCREW THAT. Congrats on your 600!!!

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  9. Carrie Ann on said:

    I am only 30 something days along so I haven’t noticed a huge change in the level of my creativity, but I sure have a lot more time to develop it! I am directing Willy Wonka at a community performing arts center with 7th- 12th graders. Seemed like a good year for that choice. 🙂

    (My energy healer – also sober & a life coach – said that one is basically “still drink” until day 90, so I’m going to look into that as well as look for creativity to explode soon!)


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