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2016 Word in Review.

Ah, what a full, full, incredibly full year it has been. Of course there are the memes and the constant barrage of Facebook notices (I’m not hip enough to be on Instagram – not yet anyway (*smile*)) decrying the sad losses of so many artists who have been nearest and dearest to us. As a US citizen, it has also been an incredibly full and turbulent year in our government. No matter your political leanings, we have been through the ringer as a country. And on a personal level, with the exception of parenthood and sobriety, I have gone through the biggest, seismic shift of my adult life, which was losing my job at a school I loved with all my heart, to finding a new position in a new school, and adjusting. Adjusting to so much – place, people, history, the way things were versus the way things are now. … Oh! And I almost forgot. I hit my first year of sobriety on June 9, 2016 and commemorated the totally tubular event with my first ever, honest-to-goodness tattoo.


2016, you have had a lot goin’ on with your bad self.

And the word that led me through all of these many ups and downs?


Such a simple, simple word, and yet? So profound.

Originally, I had chosen the word in order to be aware of the need to be kind to myself. Being someone with a need to please, as well as a good dose of perfectionism, and trying to juggle more than I should – and all of that done, until very recently, with a hangover the size of the Northern Hemisphere…. It was pretty rough going for a long, long while. I needed something, some word to anchor me and to remind me, ‘Oh, yeah. Look out for yourself.’ Throughout this year, I found myself saying “No” more times than I have in the past (Maybe 10? Still! A good start.), and I often took time to relax or, especially, to savor moments with my family, rather than thinking about all the things I should be doing. I found the word grounded me in the important things – my babes, my hubs, my immediate family, my friends – in ways that I don’t know I’ve really been able to appreciate until now. Of course, much of the enjoyment had to do with being present rather than drunk. There is that fact. But still. The reminder to be kind to myself really gave me the gift of my People again. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

In terms of the year itself, I will echo many similar sentiments that 2016 was not, in and of itself, a very kind year.


The pain and loss I felt in the process of losing my job and then finding and transitioning to a new one was constantly led by ‘Kindness’ at the helm. Truly. The people around me were full of generosity, compassion, support, and above all, kindness. Again, I find myself so grateful…. And feeling so humbled by the hundreds of people who showed me kindness and love. I feel so lucky. So blessed. I cringe thinking what this year would have been like without all of those kind hearts around me. So, so lucky.

My word of the year surprised me in the many ways it showed up, and with whom it accompanied. I feel rather giddy just thinking about it and its many facets.

Day 570, Goodnight, Year.*man_in_the_moon_stock_by_jinxmim-d74sgx0.png



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9 thoughts on “2016 Word in Review.

  1. Wow. How beautiful. 💗🙏

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  2. mishedup on said:

    Can’t wait to hear what 2017 word is!

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  3. Beautiful post. Yes 2016 was not a kind year but being kind to yourself made it bearable, or even wonderful.xxx

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  4. Just lovely 🙂 xx

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  5. “much of the enjoyment had to do with being present rather than drunk.” And so much more gratifying. Thank you Heya! Happy New Year.

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  6. ❤️ So encouraging!

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  7. Carrie Ann on said:

    In 2011 I discovered, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” by Ian Maclaren. Changed my life. I think kindness became word of the decade for me. It truly changes everything, as does self-care!

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  8. Love it. Yes. So inspiring, uplifting, and hopeful.


  9. I meant in terms of your word of the decade. *smile* The quote – beautiful. I’ve heard it before, and it is so good in terms of re-centering myself to the fact of others’ needs and others’ lives…. It is so easy to get caught up in my own shite, but this quote redirects me to remembering others. I often use it in my classroom when I’m with students (in my head).


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