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Snow Days.

Hello, friends. A quick check-in today, and then I will be back later for more. I’ve been mulling my Word o’ The Year, and am looking forward to talking with you about some ideas I have…. Which words have your attention and curiosity for your year to come?

In the meantime? One of my favorite wintery songs. I could listen to this on repeat for hours….

Day 560, Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!


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12 thoughts on “Snow Days.

  1. mishedup on said:

    Great song…thanks!

    WOTY….so many ideas this year, all to avoid the one I think I need to choose.
    Short listing now, clarity, choice, vulnerability, dare, truth, authenticity, courage,joy, hope…..LOL, my mind has been a mess!
    But I keep coming back to one word, and I may just have to answer that call.
    More will be revealed!

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  2. Catchy! 🙂
    I might be looking for the WOTY: focus. Not sure yet. Ooh, how fitting… 😦 Ghegheghe….
    xx, Feeling


  3. I just got mine tattooed on my wrist. I need to write a post!


  4. I’m thinking about my word…Alignment comes to mind. I can’t view the video, will try a diffrent one on youtube. xxx

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  5. Mine is going to be family (I think)

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  6. I’ve been trying to pick a word for 3 years!
    Still can’t decide!
    So I guess I’ll be wordless!

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  7. Ha. Maybe your word is ‘mystery.’ *smile*

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  8. I’ve been thinking about this since Anne’s last post. I’m thinking “acceptance”. I’ve been spent my whole life being critical and analyzing everything. Mostly myself. Until recently I even denied my own emotions and would hate myself for having any! I’m super-sensitive but even that has its strengths. I’ve always tried to be someone other than who I am and I’m seriously done with that. 🙂

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  9. Last year was ‘mercy’. Wow did I get challenged with that! This year is ‘grace’. My prayer is that I bestow on all I meet, the grace that has been shown to me. With His help, I will. Amen.

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  10. Beautiful! And don’t they coincide with the Pope’s words, too?

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  11. Yes Heya. Pope Francis dedicated this year as the year of Grace.


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