Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Last Night…

I did a huge sink-full of dishes after my babes went to bed.

And then I corrected work and reported final grades for my students.

Played a little of a silly video game just because I wanted to.

And then I read a bunch of political articles on Clinton and Trump.

Watched several hilarious video shorts on the same subject.

Coordinated my new book club’s next meeting invite.

Took my vitamins and meds in a long-series of nights taking vitamins and meds (the longest consecutive stretch of nights in my life).

Read a book.

Visited with the hubs.

Fell asleep.

All sober.

Day 515, and still surprised by the little things sobriety gives back to me.large_happy-birthday-present


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3 thoughts on “Last Night…

  1. Last night I did lots of sober stuff to and then work up today ready to take on the world again (well the little bit we inhabit over here) but life’s so great isn’t it and it’s cause we’ve taken control and allowed it to become this way 🏆
    Because we can 👍
    Sober hugs from over the water x

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  2. I truly believe the secret to life is to be content.
    All this searching for grandiose happiness.

    The real joy is in the ordinary.

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  3. Yay!
    That’s a lot of stuff!
    I am very impressed!


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