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Sick of the Sick.

My, oh, My. Our household cannot catch a break! Since our babygirl is now a kindergartner, she is in a (cess)pool of new people and new germs. While I, at the same time, am a new teacher, and am similarly surrounded by said (cess)pool of new people and new germs. We have been in-session for the past 6 weeks, and we have lost 3 of our weekends and several weekdays due to calling in ‘sick.’


This is round 4 for my girl and myself. Our boy (3-years old) keeps catching it from one or the other of us. It is like a merry-go-round…. Ridiculous.

This weekend, my daughter and I were basically quarantined from Friday night until this morning around 11 am. Being sick and taking care of someone who is sick is not the easiest thing in the world. However, I found my adrenaline would kick in when my girl needed me (needs me), so in some ways, it makes my illness less pressing. It’s interesting how our bodies are biologically programmed to be able to prioritize someone else’s needs over our own, isn’t it? I’m just thankful it happens at all. Yesterday, I had practically rolled myself into a ball of shivers, chills, and aches. But anytime she needed me (for strep test, x-rays, blood-draw which went horribly bad, followed by a massaged finger-prick (any 5 year old’s worst nightmare)), it all dissipated to some extent so that I could care for her. Of course, my symptoms came back eventually, but for those important moments, I was mostly okay and could help her.


In other news, the no drinking is still going okay, but I have had the craziest, strongest urges for a cigarette these past 2 weeks. I haven’t acted on the impulse, but it is so weird to suddenly be craving something I haven’t for 8 years. Maybe it’s the stress. My stress is through the roof with school, classes, making over spaces, parent-teacher conferences, etc. I am just maxed out. A lot of bubble water is being consumed, and swear words are being used.

Day 481, Still here. Still kickin’.

p.s. The book below is one of my favorites. So sweet. So comforting.images-1


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8 thoughts on “Sick of the Sick.

  1. mishedup on said:

    I really didn’t like this !
    I’m so sorry you’re i this mess! It sounds horrible.
    I’m just sending a hug (from far away, which seems sensible, right?) and hope for you all to feel better soon.
    I know I stated getting a flu shot every year when my son started pre-school, and haven’t caught it once….i don’t know if getting one now is worth it but a thought?
    Feel better
    And DON’T Smoke!

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  2. Ugh – there is a good side down the road. I took care of my boys how I wanted to be treated and it was such a fun surprise when I get sick now, they take care of me! To hear a teenager tell me, come on mom, just a few sips of water every 15 minutes so you don’t get dehydrated and then setting the timer! And the other one, getting a straw because that’s always easier. They know the right kind of tissue to buy so they don’t get red noses. And learning to get a bucket by the bed at night and making it to the toilet! It will happen for you I promise!! Kindergarden was the sickest year by far!! It just brings you to tears how often. Hang in there!

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  3. Thanks, Mished.* I’m with you – I don’t like it much either. *smile* But I will gladly accept a long-distance hug. … As for the flu shot, actually, the three of us sickies just got ours this past week. Oh, the irony. We probably had whatever bug is causing this havoc before that though. Bom-bah. …. And okay. I won’t smoke. Swearsies. *smile* Thank you, friend.* -HM.


  4. Oh, this is so sweet, Lori. Thank you. I love that your boys now take care of you. That is just incredible and sweet.

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  5. I so get the smoking thing! Twice in the last year I gave in and had a drag of a cigarette (it tasted vile btw) having given up a year before I quit drinking – wtf? On both occasions I was anxious and trying to fit in and in my brain it was the lesser of two evils so I went with it (and regretted it immediately!) Stress seems like a logical explanation 🙂 xx


  6. Oh, I SO understand the getting sick thing!
    I used to miss so many weekends, as I would get sick so much!
    Now that I don’t go into school, I don’t get sick as much.
    I also understand the pace of teaching…it is intense.
    I hope you will all be healthy soon!


  7. I think you’re right, Lucy. Stress it is. Sheesh. … And yes. I’ve given in to maybe five(?) cigs myself in the past year. They haven’t been great, nor what I anticipated nor wanted them to be. Expectations and all that, right? I should just know better by now, especially since I’ve learned my lesson a million times before. *smile* Oh, silly humans….

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  8. Thank you, Wendy! We’re working on it…. *fingerscrossed*

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