Heya, Monster.

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Some Sea-Faring Metaphors….

Well, school has started. Not only for me, but for my very own little Kindergartner as well. One of the gifts of being at this new school is that it’s a Pre-K – 12, so she has the opportunity to be there as well. It’s a phenomenal school with phenomenal teachers. We are so lucky to be able to spend our mornings and afternoons traveling to the same place. I love walking her up to her classroom from my office. I love picking her up, happy and excited for what her day has been. And I love, most especially, getting to see her in the hallways every once in awhile, which of course if when I get lots of extra kisses and hugs. It is so special to have her there. To be at the school together.

As for me, in-service/workshop days were already three weeks ago. Yow! And the week leading up to the start of school was FULL of information. I felt like I was drowning. Each day more and more information, people, expectations, lists of procedures would be piled on top of the day before…. The water just kept creeping up and up over my head. Add to that I was having tech issues with my computer and everything internet, so I was behind on a practical level as well.


However, even in the midst of the massive overload, I was so Welcomed and Cared For. Seriously. If you ever want to work at the Nicest Place on Earth, send me a personal message, because I have found it. These people are generous, empathic, sensitive, thoughtful. They have good senses of humor and will do just about anything to help. They are passionate about their students and their families, and especially about learning and creating thoughtful, compassionate, justice-seeking young people who will go out into the world to make it a better place. So, even in the midst of my own personal worries, I felt and saw some awesome and inspiring humanity all around me every minute of the day. Their presence and kindness really buoyed me up (to push the metaphor further).


Top ALL that off with being a new parent of a new student? Well, jeez, Louise. I left every day inspired and hopeful all the way up to my tippity-top, in spite of all that was looming over my head and whatnot that I had left to do.

Fast-forward and I worked my butt off over the weekend and the few days we had for prep that first week (we started on a Wednesday), and then, tuh-dah! School started.


Get it? It’s a School…. Of Fish. (I’m a dork.)

And all was good and right with the World. I found my rhythm. I got my shit together (for the most part). And the days have just been sailing by …


Fun. Good energy. Promise.

Teaching is what I love. What I feel I was born to do. And even though I am in a new, unknown place, as one of my dearest friends said to me, ‘There are kids everywhere.’ And it’s true. How wonderful that it is true. And to be in a place where the adults Love kids and Love teaching, it feels like it might be just the right place for me.

Day 453, Love the Pisces Queen.* Found at: http://www.zazzle.com/pisces+puzzles


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8 thoughts on “Some Sea-Faring Metaphors….

  1. Heya Monster, I find it wonderful how the tremendously dark happening of getting fired at your old job turned into this heaven on earth experience! Wow, I am happy for you. 🙂
    And YES, well, you can imagine that, following my last post, I want to work where you work!!!! 😉
    Wishing you more and more of the lovelyness you are experiencing. ❤
    xx, Feeling

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  2. So glad you found a place that believes in nurturing!
    And so happy you are in your happy place, teaching!!
    I loved teaching, too!

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  3. Yay! The world needs teachers like you. So glad you’re loving what you’re doing, it’s what everyone searches for.


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  4. Feeling, you are wonderful. Thank you.* I am thinking of you and hoping your situation rights itself. Love.*

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  5. Thank you, dear Wendy.* And happy belated anniversary!!! AWESOME! I am so happy for you, and inspired by you. Whee!

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  6. Aw, thank you so much, Be.* I do love it. Every day. I am so lucky.

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  7. 🙂 It will, somehow, someday. 🙂


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