Heya, Monster.

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Slip Out the Back, Jack.

That’s what I would like to do…. Just slip out the back.

The last week of classes is here and I know there are things planned for coworkers who are leaving, and there’s a big faculty/staff lunch on Thursday, and then my friends are having a party for me on Saturday, and it’s all kind and wonderful…. But getting to school this morning, I am just filled with a feeling rip off the bandage, get it over with. Be done. And it’s not that I want to run away screaming, or anything, but there just seems to be so much ceremony and … Waiting. Just waiting for the end to be the end.

It’s complicated.

Add into the mix the show I’m directing this summer (which gets started tonight), and I don’t know. I want to celebrate and go out with a bang (so to speak), but I also just want to be done. Argh.

Day 357, creeeeeeaaaaaaaaak…….




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6 thoughts on “Slip Out the Back, Jack.

  1. Heya Monster,
    Aaah, I can very much imagine how complicated this must feel/be. Wishing you a very wonderful Thursday. Not sure how I would handle it but I read this tea lable the other day and it said “Let things come to you.” and I thought that was a nice idea. It got me a bunch of flowers at work anyway! 🙂
    And congrats on your day 357, wonderful! Awesome!
    Sending love and hugs,
    xx, Feeling

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  2. ‘Let things come to you’ feels like the perfect mindset for this week. Thank you, Feeling. I am going to use this 111%. *hugs* -HM.

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  3. Lots going on. Make sure to take care of you. Enjoy a little attention. Say goodbye. Enjoy each day.

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  4. I’m a ‘slip out the back, Jack’ kinda girl. Especially when it’s, as you say, complicated. So I empathise. Great advice from the two wise women above! x

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  5. Anne, I was overwhelmed when I saw your comment – and that you took time to reach out to me in the midst of your current situation in Texas. Time keeps moving me forward, so that has been a blessing. Many, many good minutes spent with dear friends. Thank you for thinking of me.* Love to you. -HM.


  6. I relate completely. p.s. Thank you for posting! So glad to hear from you.*


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