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A Few Randoms.


So, cool thing happened last week. I needed to meet a possible collaborator to see if we would be a good fit or not. He suggested a 9 pm, over drinks kind of a meeting, and named a place. I said, ‘I’m don’t drink, but do they serve food? I’m really good at eating.’ And all of a sudden? Whoosh! Right past the awkward. I thought it was simple and effective.

Of course, I probably confused the crap out of him when he arrived and I had a frosty beer in my glass. I didn’t clarify that it was NA, but hm. Who knows what he thought?

Then, oddly enough, (fast forward to this weekend/today – I hired him)…. We were sitting next to one another for our work this afternoon, and the whole entire time, I kept getting these huge whiffs of alcohol. Gah. It was very disconcerting – 1. To deal with, and 2. To wonder if this was going to be a regular occurrence after a Friday or Saturday night?, and 3. This used to be me! And I always thought I was so good at covering it. Yeah, right.

Other random, Facebook is kind of a crazy-summer-happy-time-drinks trap right now. I am considering stepping away more significantly again for awhile. I fell off my FB-free-wagon last month and have begun to check it on a daily basis. But? Thinking I might return to my every-2-3-weeks-visit type arrangement I had going most of this past year…. Anyone else experiencing high levels of fun, sun, & booze? Argh. Jealousy is a word and a feeling that comes up a little too quickly this week, so yeah. A break is inevitable. At least for awhile, I think.

Day 348, Odds & Ends.



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8 thoughts on “A Few Randoms.

  1. I have no sun and very little fun, so I’m all good here. I did attend a birthday party last night that was ramping up to go into the evening with scads of beers and alcoholic ginger ales and root beers (terrible thing to do to nice beverage). But I was happy to leave it early and go home and drink tea and sleeeeep and wake up today without a thumping head and a barrel of regrets.

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  2. Those alcoholic ginger ales and root beers piss me off! Leave my drinks alone!

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  3. Me too!! Can’t we have anything? ? Haha

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  4. Facebook trap – so easy to fall into. I really, really do need to wean myself off it, so wish I could be as strong as you and check in on it less. Yes too much sunshine and drink going on in other peoples feeds.


  5. I consider it a good day when I only check FB one time.
    You will be having your own fun in the sun!
    And I am finding when I am hot, alcohol doesn’t appeal to me as much as cold water!


  6. Haha. Right? Let us have something a little special…. *smile*


  7. Here I am, what? 2 weeks later and still going on FB almost every time I turn on a device. Dumb = Me. Gathering up my nerve to break the ties again….


  8. Haha. Yes, I will. *smile* Also? We must get together this summer/month, Wendy. Our deadline is….. July 6th. hee.


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