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BossTalk Update.

Good morning, everyone.* First off, thank you for your wonderful words.

The meeting went… Okay. …. I was in quite a bit of trouble for initiating something without asking for permission first. (Sorry to be vague.)

I’m heartbroken, because the initiative I created was/IS really important to me. I think our community could benefit from it in big ways. And yes, of course there would be obstacles and maybe some not great moments, but overall? It could be great! If we would be brave and go there, but we’re not. …. Lastly, I am not someone who functions with fear as my guide, and I truly feel Fear is motivating decisions right now. That makes me incredibly sad.

I’m going to continue The Work, but am feeling underwhelmed with the lack of support by the higher ups.

On a related note, morale is incredibly low as quite a number of older employees have announced taking a retirement deal for the coming year. These teachers are incredible and inspiring, and it will feel like a very different school without them. I know budget is a huge concern, but man, is our school changing.

I miss the trust. And I miss the positive energy.

Day 277, A little wisdom from Madame Fey:


And an ‘Amen!’ from the Monster.*


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3 thoughts on “BossTalk Update.

  1. Robert Crisp on said:

    Without knowing details, I still say good for you. I know admin has a fine line to walk, but it sounds like what you did had a positive impact that outweighs their concerns. My solidarity is always with teachers (being one myself), especially after having some horrible and ineffective admin.

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  2. I’m with Robert!
    And you!
    I do know that principals get really upset it you don’t let them know things first.
    From experience, that is!
    Yes, morale will be low. Times of change make people feel unsafe for awhile.
    I am sorry for your school.
    I think it’s the nature of schools and funding.
    Schools have to fight to get a pencil or two.


  3. It sounds like you’re being brave and principled (pun intended!) and (without knowing exactly how) that you want to use theatre to inspire and unite people. Let us harken back to the times of Clifford Odets…Ah now I’m just guessing so I’ll stop. I will say that we live in a world that is beginning to mirror those times in scary ways, one where courage is needed, and unique voices are needed. I support you!~ Vive la revolution!

    If you ever want to chat about those things outside this space, email me. 🙂 art 4 your life at yahoo.



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