Heya, Monster.

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It’s happening. Today. In 28 minutes.

I had horrible dreams all night last night. I kept waking up, figuring out that it was still night, that it was only a dream, and then going back to sleep and falling into an even worse one. Argh.

I feel sick to my stomach. Nervous. Anxious. Like I want to throw-up.

I would sweat, but it feels like my whole body has gone into shut-down mode and is constricting itself into the smallest possible space.

I’ve gone over my notes.

I had a mini-preview of a conversation with Person #2 last week, so that’s something. But who knows how Person #1 will be today?


I have my principles and my beliefs, but I just don’t know how or if they will be invited to the conversation at all. If they will be heard. I don’t know that I am going to feel welcome at all… I hope so, but I don’t know.

Day 274, eep….



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4 thoughts on “BossTalk.

  1. Break a leg! Will be thinking about you.


  2. Robert Crisp on said:

    I know the feeling…I’ve been there before and probably will be again. Let us know how it goes.


  3. Deep breaths. You got this.


  4. Hugs! You are a pro!


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