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Older & Wiser.

Well, here I sit on top of another birthday. It’s actually been a love-ily birthday week. The hubs has been surprising me each day with little gifts, my fave of which has been the cast recording of Hamilton. Go, Reader. Go right now and listen to this music. It is aMAZing and brilliant. … Seriously. Go.

*2 hours later…*

Right? See? I wasn’t kidding. PheNOMenal.

Okay, and what else? Oh, a little pressure off at work, but not all, and I wouldn’t even say most of the pressure is off. Going to meet next week with the Big Boss, so we will see how that goes. …. And even apart from some things that are more personal to me being discussed, there is a larger layer of pressure because the whole school is experiencing a population drop. Our projected incoming class is almost 50 students lower than our usual, and it may be even lower. There is an atmosphere of the unknown as everyone is nervous about whether or not our jobs are safe, or not. We won’t have our contracts until May, which is 2 months later than usual. So I am feeling stuck. I am tempted to look for work because I want to have some say or control over my situation. Ideally, I do not want to leave because I love my job, but I honestly am not loving the atmosphere change in the past year. I’m torn and not sure what to pursue.

But anyway! Enough of that. It’s my birthday and I am going to celebrate dammit.


(To Me!)

So the past week or so, I have been doing much better at keeping up with my sober blog reading, and have even had a few days where I’ve had time to go back and read a few of my old posts. I am stunned by how similar our journeys are, aren’t you? Of course there are variables and unique details to you and to me, but really? So many echoes from yours and from yours and from yours and from mine…. It is so beautiful to feel so close to others, especially when on some days, it feels like I am the only sober person for miles around. It is so nice to know you are here, too, and that, no matter which step of the journey we are on, we get it, and we just know. It’s nice to release and to trust in that – to trust in You. So Thank You.*

Also things happening in the past week…. With my show wrapping up, it’s freed up some headspace so that I can actually delve into other creative things and not feel too tired or distracted by them. In the past 10 days, I have watched the entire series of Transparent (gorgeous!), started four books, gotten back into The Newsroom (love!), and watched Temple Grandin (so good – except for the after-school-special-ending). It feels good to be a human again. Ha!

At work, we had the end of a trimester at school, so I hurried up and did my grading yesterday because today is actually a day off. Whee! Last night turned into an everybody-squish-into-Mama’s-and-Dada’s-bed kind of a sleepover, so that was perhaps just the beginning of my birthday celebrations. *smile* Then, this morning, because I have the day off, I got to take the babes to school. I was planning on going to my fave coffeeshop and sitting and blogging with a cuppa, but it was so packed, I took my tea and drove back home (whilst listening to Hamilton, mind you). So, here I am in my own home, and it’s quiet…. and still…. and just me and the cat. I’m not sure I can remember the last time this ever happening. hee. In a bit, I will pick-up the babes, spend a little more time with them, then off to a mini-afternoon-date with the hubs, and then dinner with my in-laws. I would say it all sounds practically perfect in every way.

Alright, all you lads & lasses, if you haven’t figured it by now, this post is only a blatant plea for birthday wishes. (*wink*) … No, but really. If you do feel like celebrating, I am going to steal an idea from a friend and say – share a piece of cake or a cupcake with me wherever you are in the world. And if you’re feeling sinister no! That’s an album title…. If you’re feeling indulgenty, then yes. Let us eat cake (together)! Take a pic and post it, if you would.

I am happy to just be Here. In my Life. Present and Grateful for every day – Sober and Happy! … With all of you.*

Day 269, Glitter Birthday Bomb!





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18 thoughts on “Older & Wiser.

  1. Happy Birthday!!
    And Happy 269!!
    I also know how hard it is waiting to hear about whether you have a job or not in teaching.

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  2. Happy Bday! You should definitely look for another job, even if you don’t end up taking it or needing it makes you feel powerful to know you could;)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to you! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    269, wow. I can’t seem to get past a day 5 at the moment… I’m inspired by your triple figures ☺🎉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Robert Crisp on said:

    Happy birthday, lady!

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  6. Thank you, Robert! It was a good day. p.s. If you want to email me about a work question – you mentioned it awhile ago – feel free. heyamonster at gmail


  7. Thank you, WU.* I know it might not seem so right now, but a string of 5 days is awesome. And the fact you keep starting again is even more awesome. Seriously. So much tenacity and bravery. …. It was a great bday. Thank you!

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  8. Thank you, Kim!*


  9. Thank you, Betty. I so appreciate the advice. I think ‘power’ and ‘control’ are definitely missing from the current equation. p.s. Bday was love-ily. *smile*

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  10. Thank you, Wendy.* …. As for work, it’s a bit of an odd occurrence for my school because although our contracts renew every year, there’s never been a question before of if they will or not. I appreciate you having been here before. Any advice for the anxiety? *smile*


  11. Nice! Sober bdays are the BEST. Good luck with whatever you do:)


  12. Happy birthday! I’m behind!

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  13. Me, too. All the time. *smile* Thank you, Anne!


  14. Happy Birthday! We can share cupcakes when I come to the Cities this summer! Lori

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  15. Happy happy birthday!! (I’m behind too.) How in the world has it already been 269? That’s amazeballs. And even though I’m late to the party, I’m going to have a cupcake today in your honor (sober treat!!). – R

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  16. OH, ps, I COMPLETELY love the glitterbomb. Want to STEAL. 🙂

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  17. That sounds like a perfect plan, Lori.*


  18. Yuuuuuuum it up!


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