Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

A Full Heart.

A very short post to tell you ….

  1. I am here.
  2. I am sober.
  3. New York was aMAZing (I saw Fun Home, The Color PurpleThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and Spring Awakening. (Oh, and we were part of the Blizzard of the Decade, which shutdown Broadway!))
  4. When I got home, I got RealReal sick for several weeks, thus my no-shows here.
  5. The hubs went into production week for a show he is in, while at the same time I am in production mode now as my show opens on Tuesday.
  6. We still have children who need love and affection.
  7. The time to do anything ‘extra’ has been nil.

All is well and (uber) busy. The minutes I do have at home are sweet and good. The mornings I wake-up not hungover (read: ALL), I feel happy and pretty well-rested in spite of the flurry of activity day-in and day-out. I am not resenting my responsibilities, nor am I missing out with my babes at home in order to drink a fast bottle of wine to ‘treat myself’ for the crazy days. I feel whole and good in spite of the stress.

What a difference a year can make.


Day 249, Not too shabby, Sobriety…. Not too shabby…. *smile*

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7 thoughts on “A Full Heart.

  1. Not to 👏👏👏shabby at all.

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  2. Robert Crisp on said:

    Great. It’s good to hear an update from you.

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  3. Robert Crisp on said:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you a work related question. Would you mind shooting me an email at rcrisp2112 @ gmail dot com when you get a chance? If know you’re busy, so there’s no rush. Thanks.


  4. yay!

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  5. Time and the Bottle on said:

    The Curious Incident is my favorite. Glad you made it through the blizzard.

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  6. I loved it – both ‘Curious’ and the blizzard. *smile*


  7. Sounds fantastic!

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