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A Merry Monstermas!

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… A little belated Christmas cheer to you all. *smile* (I got a bit distracted by the memes yesterday and postponed putting this post up. (Oh, Monster…))

But here I am today, at the end of TWO family holiday gatherings, a major road trip, and the general hurlyburlyness of ‘Tis-ing the Season every which way, and I am here to tell you I am still sober. Wa-hoo!

And best of all? I had (mostly) a great time doing it all. Even more wa-hoo and a little woo-hoo for good measure. hee.

And do you know? Throughout the time with family, days leading up to Christmas, children anxious for Santa, the stress of traveling (in Minnesota-blizzard weather for much of it), presents, dinnertimes (especially these times), etc., etc. …. Yes, I craved a drink from time to time. Yes, I thought back to what I used to do at this point of the celebration (i.e. Drink!). Yes, my shoulders were tense and up by my ears a few times.

But? All in all?


Seriously. This sober-stuff is the shit.

laughed so much during so many moments. And I just let it ring out. I found so much joy in everything around me  – even the fucking stress (Alright, so actually I found the humor in these moments, but still!). And throughout the seconds, minutes, hours, days, I just looked around me and was just happy to be where I was, with the people I love, and present. It was probably one of my favorite Christmases on record because 1. I remembered it all, and 2. Like I said, I was There for it! Instead of figuring out how to keep myself buzzed beginning at 9 in the morning, or worrying if we would have enough wine to last through dinner, and then through the evening family movie, I actually did shit. Or I didn’t and played mahjong, but seriously. It was so cool.

Here is a Christmas List of what I enjoyed doing over the holidays:

  • Really had fun at a Perkins of all places with my family on the ride up north. Instead of hankering to get to my parents’ and tie one on, I laughed and played with my kids and the hubs. It was a great little beginning to the whole adventure.
  • Saw people from my life – bestest friend and family; dearest friends; old friends. LOTS of friends. So beautiful.
  • Took the babes swimming. … Wait for it. … In the evening! Say what?!  Yep, you read that right. Gah! Awesome.
  • Had a date with the hubs (Star Waaaars!)
  • Ate a shit-tonne of anything I wanted (Oh, my gosh – Christmas has never tasted so good when Guilt is not even a glimmer in my eye… or stomach…. or brain…. or wherever guilt resides)
  • Had so much fun meeting up with Santa and helping to arrange the gifts. *wink*
  • Christmas morning, I actually volunteered to put together a dollhouse for my daughter. And do you know what? It is so cool! Plus, I had a really fun (2 hours) doing it. Seriously. No sarcasm there. I really liked it.


    Tuh-dah! Who wouldn’t love a turn-of-the-century Victorian home as a dollhouse? Complete with crank-style automobile and horse-drawn carriage.

  • The dinners were a bit triggery, but I was okay. I took a little anti-anxiety medicine, which helped a lot. And by the end of the meal(s), I was fine. As I said, I reeeeeally enjoyed the eating, and so just let myself indulge. Best. Decision. Ever! *smile*
  • Christmas Day, after the meal, the girl and I sat down to color in our new Santa-gifted coloring books. And it was so fun and relaxing. I think I sat there for a good hour, maybe hour and a half. I didn’t get a lot done, but it was so nice. And I adored sitting next to her while she worked away. So sweet!


    My Masterpiece (so far…)

  • And tons and tons more.

Actually, I noticed on the last evening while I was sitting up with my mom visiting, that we didn’t watch one evening movie as a family. A complete and utter anomaly. But I was wondering aloud if maybe we were too busy to think to watch a movie? Not busy-too-busy-we-don’t-have-time-to-think-busy, but just busy being. Relaxing. Doing our things. Enjoying whatever. It was a cool realization to have. A lot of times in the past, I would fall asleep during those family movies, or work my ass off trying to stay awake and involved. This trip? No problem whatsoever. Woot.

And today, the hubs and I enjoyed a similarly awesome Christmas celebration with his family. I, again, allowed myself whatever I wanted to eat. The dinner stress was less because I think the first family dinner with my side let me practice getting through it once already. Presents, visiting, all of it was just really nice tonight. And again, I kept catching myself noticing moments, or people, or really enjoying a joke and laughing for Real. And I left the party sober and content, and not embarrassed or worried someone noticed how many times I filled my glass, or any of that hooey.

Really, both Christmases were much less wine/alcohol-centered. I don’t know if I was such a pusher (entirely possible) that I just kept my family in their cups as best I could so that everyone would be a bit buzzy and not notice how much I was drinking. Or, perhaps my families are awesome and they cut back a bit based on my current status of: Sober. I know my mom and dad made some really cool choices and limited drinks either pre-dinner one-drink only, or perhaps at most, a second drink with dinner. Other than that, they put the booze away and poured other NA drinks. The whole time I was with them. Loved it. We were all so much more present …. Although, they may have been that way anyway because Normies. But? It was still really nice not to always be looking to open the next bottle and the next. Same with the hubs’ side. Individuals were drinking cans or bottles of beer, but nothing crazy. And no wine bottles were opened at all. A first, I think, for a family celebration. I don’t know if it was intentional, but man, was it cool.

I hope this finds all of you merry and bright.*

article-2252586-16A1C783000005DC-488_634x388 Day 201, Meowy Christmas!


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12 thoughts on “A Merry Monstermas!

  1. Robert Crisp on said:

    My in-laws were very considerate of me and didn’t have the wine out. I used to share a few glasses with my mother-in-law. Well, she had a few glasses, and I killed the bottle, went out the next day to replace it, ended up drinking half of that, and the entire time took shots of my father-in-law’s bottom shelf, rotgut whiskey. Egad.

    Anyway, my in-laws didn’t drink around me at all, and there was no wine in the fridge (they kept red wine cold, which I didn’t like, but I wasn’t picky. It got me drunk).

    This Christmas, I was present for everything, and when I needed some time to myself–like when everyone went out–I stayed back, wrote some poetry, and had a fine time. When they came back, I wanted to shout, “I’m sober! Do you know how amazing that is?” I didn’t, though. I just celebrated inside. And now I’m sharing it here. : )

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  2. Your Christmas sounds like so much fun! And I am with you on the guilt-free eating.

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  3. Holy crap! I read this and thought that maybe I was the pusher at my family gatherings! Because I was the one with the mimosas as you walked in the door (here ya go! gonna need one of these!) and the constantly full wine glass. Sounds like a lot of fun! And very relaxing too, even with the kids and all. I think you know what I mean. Even when we weren’t getting our drunk on we’d be thinking about getting that done later. Thinking about it now reminds me of how stressful it was to live like that. And now we’re free– to play in the snow and do things at night and drive around and not care how much time things are going to take. I feel like the hours in my day have increased exponentially. Enjoy the rest of your break!!

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  4. Beautiful.
    I expect I was the pusher too at first me time.
    Not anymore.,


  5. I wanted to add that your picture makes it look like the top of the tree is on fire– which is AWESOME!! :)))

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  6. Awesome sounding Christmas xxx
    Funny in some respects I may have been a bit of a pusher too, but in hindsight my mum was a tormentor – she can make one bottle of wine last three nights between 2 of us …..😱….. In the end when I visited I would have to go with the intention of not drinking for a few nights. None of that stress now ☺


  7. I was a pusher for sure!


  8. Haha! The Hubs makes snarky comments all through the Christmas season because that star is BRIGHT. But so beautiful. And so perfect. He agrees it is absolutely me, so doesn’t fight to replace it. Hee. I kind of like the snark. *smile* p.s. It’s called ‘A Tiffany Star,’ if you’re interested in a burning bush for your tree as well.

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  9. Yeah! Woot to that, Sister.


  10. SO stressful! Gah. Horrible. And just a hotbed for resentment, anger, dissatisfaction, envy, sadness, despair, and shame. …. Wow. Putting it all down like that just gave me pause. ….. Freedom is so much better.* And I love the beautiful math that created more hours in the day so magically. *smile*

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  11. I am currently eating a giftbox of Russell Stover chocolates. But am feeling less guilt (none) because I am walking to the kitchen each time. …. I’m stopping at 3 – I promise! *smile*

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  12. I love this Robert! You should yell it from the mountaintops, as they say. *smile* The contrast in quality from last year to this is amazing – for you And for me!

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