Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Creativity Begets Creativity.

And for me, right now, that is soso true.

I would also add that Creativity comes when you jump …. And it’s not clear where you will land.

Only a week ago, I was frantically revisiting the new show, trying to read it and remember what it was I loved about it when I chose it back in July. I was so far removed from this next project, I was thinking, ‘I will never be ready! I’m going to ruin this production. It’s going to be a wasted opportunity to address race and diversity and the current headlines of violence and oppresssion surrounding race and race relations.’ Mostly, I was worried about fucking up. Big time. I was scared by the complicated structure of the show, and by all of the characters, and the flow of the show. Basically, Everything was overwhelming me.

Oh, and I was in the midst of opening the current show.

Not an easy knot for me to untie. (Dorky Viola/Shakespeare reference.)

Except? It was!

Well, I mean, sort of. The other day the hubs was worrying about this Huge role he was recently cast in (Yay!), and I told him, ‘Just start the work. Stop thinking about doing it, and start somewhere. It will help you feel better.’

And that, dear friends, is the same advice I took for myself and my life. I just started. I got down to work. And the Doing has made all the difference!

The above image is an actual recreation of what has been happening in my brain these past few days.

While my current show is finishing up (today is our last performance), I have been spending half of our performances (and most of my free time) getting ready for the next show’s auditions – happening this Tuesday and Wednesday. Now I find myself eager to jump into the new show, which is a wonderful relief compared to the dread I was feeling only five or six days ago. The pressure feels more manageable, and the opportunities to reach kids about race are still there. I am figuring it all out. (And for the record, so is the hubs. We’re such a with-it couple, I tell ya. *smile*)

I feel like there is a sobriety metaphor in here, too, somewhere. But I will let you find it and what it means to You – just like all Art everywhere. Hee.

Day 187, Just Do It (Thanks, Nike.).

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10 thoughts on “Creativity Begets Creativity.

  1. Robert Crisp on said:

    You’re a busy gal. I’m with you on the creativity. Jump in and go. That’s what I tell myself when I face the blank page or submitting poetry. Glad you’re well.

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  2. Amazing. One step at a time.

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  3. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the “where to I start? so much to do!” but one foot in front of the other and whaddya know? you’re walking. x

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  4. Yes – I like it this way (busy, I mean) – most of the time. *smile* Looking forward to the holiday break and time with the babes and the hubs. How about you? Did you get all of your end of semester grading finished?


  5. Isn’t it funny? I think I have to learn this lesson Every. Single. Time. *smile*

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  6. I still get my knickers in a twist until I remember I need to tackle one thing and the rest follows. 😊

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  7. ‘Knickers.’ heehee!

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  8. Robert Crisp on said:

    Just finished yesterday. I’ll double-check everything this morning before officially signing off on it, but after that, this week is MINE. Whew. Third sober semester on the books and first sober Christmas in ten years or so on deck. : )

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  9. Start where you are…so bleedin’ simple and true, plus beautiful how it actually works. Sounds like exciting times for you and yours.

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  10. Very much so. Thank you!*


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