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A Sunday Reclamation.


Houston, there is no problem.

Well, hello, again. This is just a quick post tonight to check-in. It’s been a good weekend. And truthfully? I am just feeling more whole and more balanced.

Yesterday, I spent a great amount of time in the morning reading many of the sober blogs I follow, and writing. It felt good to catch-up.

Then, off to an adventure with the babes, and then to the in-laws for a much-needed dinner. When I’m in rehearsal, I miss the daily check-ins and hang-out time with them, so that was grand and wonderful.

Oh, to top it off, the hubs and I had a bit of a date once the babes went to sleep, so that was love-ily, too.

Today, we had incredible weather. Play-outside-with-no-jacket-on-Nice. So? We took the babes to our usual bookstore for a quick treat, then off to a playpark nearby. They had the best time running and climbing and sliding and playing. Gah. So nice to be outside at this time of year. So lucky! It was love-ily to share with them. Plus, I love watching the hubs when he plays with them, too. He is so good at playing. Truly. It makes me fall in love with him even more every time I see him play with our two monsters like that. Love it.

Then, when we got home, my first order of business was to reclaim the living room! And our house, in general. For those who don’t know, we have a 3- and a 4-year old, respectively. And less respectively, they drive me crazy with how much stuff they accumulate! I don’t know why, but I have never been very sentimental with ‘stuff.’ In my 20s, I loved to move because it meant I would end up gutting my collection down to a reasonable amount again. Well, the man I mentioned above happens to have the opposite sentiment to things, particularly collecting. (Ugh!) And my children, well, everything is a dearly beloved treasure, so needless to say, things pile up quickly.

So today? I took over. I put away a ton of stuff into these huge bins, and promised the babes that I wasn’t going to throw anything away (I wasn’t lying). However, I did put them in our attic in hopes that they will be forgotten, at which point in the future, I will then be able to toss the whole lot. We’ll see.


Then, this afternoon, instead of attending my weekly AA meeting, I decided to enjoy the weather and go for a jog while listening to The Bubble Hour. I really think it was the best decision ever. I feel like I made it to a meeting, because of the podcast, and I also feel happier in my bod because of the exercise. Win-Win.


And now, here I sit, smelling some love-ily smells, as I take some time to make dinner, as well as lunch/dinner for tomorrow.

What a brilliant weekend!

Day 159, I just feel happy. …. In which case, I will share my happiness with all of you and leave this yummy stake-your-claim-style-doughnut here for you each to try…. *smile*



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5 thoughts on “A Sunday Reclamation.

  1. My kids are also “collectors” but they are 10 and 12. I have everything they ever owned. Lol
    Our house is desperate.

    We had a flood in the summer and I had to purge the basement. There were 1000 stuffed animals. No lie.

    Sigh. I wish I had gotten control sooner. Or that I said no more. But my kids have always been good kids and we all love to buy….

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  2. Robert Crisp on said:

    My kids collect, I collect, and my wife does to a lesser degree. We purge periodically, which always feels strange.

    Good for you making the choice to do something equally as important as attending a meeting. I often do the same. With young children and work, an hour or so alone is hard to find, so sometimes I pop up to the coffee shop with a book or my laptop. I never regret taking time to do that. There’s such a huge difference between isolating and spending time alone. Good thing I like my own company. : )


  3. Why are you putting Woody in the attic??? Haha!! Good strategy for the toys, they’ll forget about them immediately. I’m like you, I live for throwing things away. A trip to dump is a good afternoon for me:)


  4. Untipsyteacher on said:

    Just a thought,,,
    As a former kindergarten teacher, I would have loved some of those toys for my classroom.
    I love an uncluttered house.
    But my problem is with too many clothes, and I am VERY attached to them!


  5. That’s a great idea, Wendy, re. the toys. … And ha! I get the clothes thing completely! *smile*


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