Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Workin’ It.

I’ve been feeling that itchy feeling again just under my skin. The itchy feeling that brings thought of that stupid word ‘moderation’ and wishful thinking about being a normal drinker. Then, I realized yesterday I hadn’t done any real sober connecting in almost a week.

So? I made some time and dove into some of your blogs and reconnected with my Network of Awesome here. *sighofrelief* And then, thanks to Sober Courage’s latest post, I discovered the documentary The Anonymous People, and started watching it right away. The film was just what I needed. Men and women with years and decades of sobriety under their belts. After reaching out and connecting, I am feeling so much less alone and less woe-is-me. Phew!

Day 114, thanks Universe.


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11 thoughts on “Workin’ It.

  1. I have to do the same thing. Go deeper when I’m cravy. Good for you. It isn’t the same every time. Like finding a movie is different than just reading blogs. Lori


  2. I was experiencing the same too. I felt my craving yesterday and talked myself through the first drink. Realized I would be on my couch, alone, drinking an entire bottle by myself if I stopped for “just one”. The sober blogs really do help.


  3. I was feeling that way myself last night, I even stood in front of the shelves of wine at the local co-op talking myself through how it would feel this morning if I did have a glass (bottle) …… never had any intention of buying I just need to see the real thing from time to time to remind me ….. but anyway I digress slightly, I loved going to bed sober, waking up hangover free, but the best bit ….. waking up to a lovely message of encouragement from a wonderful sober friend via blogging … you 😃 …. Thank you …. sober blogs are a great way of keeping us all connected with what it’s all about


  4. Untipsyteacher on said:

    Do you have a plan?
    Or a sober toolbelt?
    A plan would be to call someone, read blogs, take a walk, a bath, or whatever would help you when those feelings strike again.
    Yell in the car?
    You are doing so well!
    I still haven’t seen that movie!


  5. Millie on said:

    Good for you HM! glad you worked through it, I can honestly say, without blogging and the support of you ladies, I would have buckled by now I’m sure. So nice to have each others backs here 🙂


  6. Robert Crisp on said:

    Great movie. I need to watch it again.


  7. I loved that movie.
    I come to the blogs regularly because they remind me that early sobriety is hard, and just because you quit once doesn’t mean the next time would be the same.
    That reality Helps me.

    Yay for 114! Keep it up!


  8. Heya, Monster, how are you? Hope to find you well.
    xx, Feeling


  9. Hellooooo!
    I found that even my cute baby photo of the last post could not lure you out. How’s life?
    xx, Feeling

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  10. Hello, dear Feeling.* I have been away TOO LONG. Eep! I am here today to check-in and hopefully reconnect over the next day or two. Life has been full of LifeThings. Thank you for thinking of me and reaching out. I miss you! -HM.

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  11. I miss you too! And I hope they are good LifeThings! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing of them.
    xx, Feeling


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