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Some (Good) News.

Wow. Okay. First, thank you, all, for your kindness and understanding to my last post. So grateful to share things I’ve been carrying for so long in a safe space. Grateful and overwhelmed by each of you. More thought and contemplation will be given to Death in posts to come, but for now, I will take a reprieve and fill you in on a couple of good developments in the immediate Here and Now.

First, I’ve been exercising much more regularly in the past month. I caught back up to my Couch-to-5K routine, and then I took matters into my own hands. I have not yet jogged a 5K straight through, however I have run (I’m actually running now)-walked 4 5Ks in the past week and a half. On my own. In training. It feels really good, even when my anxiety and dread is building and I don’t want to exercise, but then I put on my clothes and don’t give myself a choice. I’m such a jerk.

Second, and more importantly, and goodly, and love-ily…. I’ve shared my blog with my immediate family and best friend. *bandageripped!* Yow. With yesterday’s post, I realized it was time. If I’m going to sink into my history – all of it good, bad, magical, and less-magical – then I need to be able to talk about it all with the people I love most. It has done lots of good sharing with the hubs, so I know there are benefits to the scary vulnerability of it all. I’m feeling optimistic and looking forward to what comes of it.

Third, there is no third, except I think ‘one of my people’ is reading right this very minute, so I’m trying to get this post up before they hit the ‘end’ that was yesterday. (‘Hi’ to whichever one of you it is. I’m so glad you’re here.* Even if it freaks me out a little. I’m sure it freaks you out a little, too. So? We’re even. *smile*)

Day 106, Doo-‘n-Do-Do. (Name that song.)


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10 thoughts on “Some (Good) News.

  1. Robert Crisp on said:

    Paula Cole keeps running through my head when I read “Doo-‘n-Do-Do.” I’m also tired. That could be it.


  2. Made it! So glad to be here at the beginning-end-middle-present-future-past-infinity with you.*

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  3. I started couch to 5k, oh, almost 4 years ago, and pleased to say I still run regularly. Not because I’m good (fast) but because it helps me stay sane and happy. It’s some magical blend of endorphins and relieving physical tension. Hell, walks are great too…just being outside is great. Oh and I just read your prior post and it made me cry in the best possible way. What a powerful realization and moment for you. It was a beautiful post and I hope you find healing in it all.

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  4. You are such a wonderful person. 🙂 Here I am being scared to actually tell anybody about anything whatsoever and you have the guts to share your blog. Wow! I wish…, nah, even now I try to wish I had such courage I draw back thinking ‘noooo no no no no noooh! (and that’s not a song….). I am finding that my inability to deal with shame of having been addicted keeps me from telling my friends and family. So it keeps me in a dark place where it is difficult to ask for help when I need it. I’m thinking it is another form of denial. 😦 Still not there yet. :-/ You are amazing. ❤ Working so bravely on your new self. I take a bow.
    xx, Feeling

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  5. Amen, Sister.* I’m the luckiest (because you’re here with me).


  6. I agree – the moving (and the sweating for me) really make all the difference! Those endorphins Are magical. Gah. I love the feeling …. once it’s all over. *smile* … And thank you. It means a lot to read your words and kindness. It was a great, surprising, and a little scary discovery to realize, but I am so glad I did. A new summit was reached. Incredible.

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  7. I am ‘liking’ this because you are so wonderful. As for courage, you never know when you will suddenly have enough to do what you feel needs to be done. Sometimes it just takes time. Like sobriety! Look at the courage we had to build up before we could take that first step towards a sober life. You can’t tell me you’re not courageous. You’re the fucking bomb. Take that compliment. Take it! Because it’s true. *smile* p.s. I’ve never actually said the phrase ‘the bomb’ in real life, with or without swears, but I may grow accustomed to using it in the Blogolopolis.

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  8. Indeed! The courage we needed to quit. Yes. Thank you for reminding. And, yes, I guess it takes time. 🙂
    *Now enjoying being called the bomb. 🙂 Weeheeeee! 🙂
    xx, Feeling


  9. Untipsyteacher on said:

    So exciting on all fronts!
    I love having my former co-workers read my blog.
    They are another layer of accountability and support for me.
    I got to an outside yoga class.
    I go to Core Power at Edina.
    It has some wonderful teachers and students there!


  10. I’m up to 2.5k on a treadmill and feel great considering I’m only 2mths out of plaster, but your achievements are awesome. Keep up the good work your doing amazing ♥


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