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Coffee & Kisses.

A rainy morning here and all is well.

I’ve got my (second) cup of coffee, a light drizzle outside, fans blowing, and my sweet boy giving me kisses. *lesigh*

Yesterday the hubs and I got to a move – Jarassic World – and then, silly woman that I am, I decided to stay home with the boy in the heat rather than stay with in-laws and air-conditioning. I say ‘silly woman’ because I couldn’t fall asleep because of the movie. I was nervous, and ridiculous, and because the hubs was down the street, all kinds of scary things were hiding in the shadows… Scary, dinosaur things. Luckily, the morning came and now? All of the dinosaurs have slunk away. *smile*

I’ve had a rather significant weekend, because I finally gave away ALL of our baby things. I’m sad because I had been holding onto it for the past two years in case we have another one. Giving it all away (20 boxes, plus large item things) feels like a finale of sorts. Close curtains. No more babies, even though a good many of the fibers my being are aching to have another one. Grr. I can’t tell if I really, truly would like to have another baby, or if it’s just biology. Do you know what I mean? Biology can be all sorts of tricky sometimes.

Babies on the Brain!

Babies on the Brain!

Add to the aches of all that, three of my dear friends are about to have babies – one of them within days. I feel like pregnancy is contagious when friends are prego. It just passes from one to the next. Harumph again on the subject. …. It will pass. But before it does, my daughter and I get to attend a baby shower today. It will be fun and happy, so for that, I am glad and grateful, and in particular, excited for my friend as the babe is her first.

Enjoying this long weekend away from work. Last night I finally caught up with all of your love-ily posts. Phew! That felt so good.*

And… Oh. Also last night, the boyo and I went on the sweetest walk around the neighborhood. He was so fun and curious and wonderful. Everything you would expect from a 2-year old boy. I felt like he had suddenly grown-up a little more. I could sense him being ‘older’ than he was last week. It made me happy and a little sad. It is so incredible how they do that …. Which, is another reason why I am sort of longing for another one – girl or boy – because I don’t want these discoveries and moments to be our last round already.

Feeling less grumpy than Friday (again, Phew!). My body’s hormones have settled down a little. Now time to get ready for our regular bookstore morning… Happy Sunday to all of you.*

Day 89, Can’t get this song out of my head today… Indigo Girl’s “Fugitive”


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8 thoughts on “Coffee & Kisses.

  1. Have you been to Wild Rumpus? My favorite ever bookstore! I remember that tug for more babies when they were 2. Even my boobs ached to be nursing again. It happens. And the tears, oh my goodness, when I gave away my baby things! They are precious moments. Lori


  2. I gave away all the baby things last weekend. It was HARD. Even though I know that just about the worst thing I could do for my career, mental health and abs would be to have another.


  3. when the kids get older the discoveries keep coming. I am running to keep up with them, every day. but leaving a stage behind is always bitter sweet…my husband started talking what it would like to be a grandparent the other day. those days may be closer for me now than the baby years – man, I am getting OLD 🙂 xx

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  4. I haven’t, Lori, but now I will! We are big fans of the Roseville Library (amazing), and I’ve been to the Red Balloon a few times. Will definitely check out the Wile Rumpus – can’t believe I ever missed it what with my love for Sendak! p.s. Yes, lots of sadness with the baby things… Which, for me gets embodied as anger. Oops. Had dreams of being prego last night. It was hard waking up this am.


  5. Exactly! I’m with you on our life journeys it seems. So sad and would be so tricky to have another, but I can’t stop the wanting or wishing. Frustrated.


  6. Yes, you’re true, Prim. … And oh! That is funny to think of… You will be an incredible Gram!


  7. Awww I bet it’s just part of the process of letting go. Lean into it & accept it, maybe then you can move through it instead of eating or drinking or raging at the feeling. Supposedly this works! I would eat ice cream at the feeling myself. Coffee flavored ice cream. Oh! Sebastian Joe’s ice cream is by the Wild Rumpus Bookstore! And Great Harvest Bakery! See, not thinking about babies anymore.


  8. Robert Crisp on said:

    Love me some Indigo Girls…and coffee. And rain. Wow, what a great combo. And huzzah on day 89!


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