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WordPress Puzzles.

Hello. I have a few questions about our little engine-that-could here… Things that I keep thinking about every time I use WordPress, but then forget to look up the answer, or just don’t know who to ask. So? I’m asking the whole wide, big, beautiful world.

First, holy cow countries! I think the country notifications are the most fascinating of all of the demographics we receive related to our blogs. This past week has been one of my most diverse with new countries visiting – Kenya, Japan, Ireland, Singapore, Germany (Jambo! Kon’nichiwa! Dia duit! Ni hao! Hallo!), and one question I have is – is it possible to see if the visits are on purpose? Or, is it possible to see how world travelers reach our sites? I know we have the data related to clicks or searches, but they don’t correlate the information together. Is it possible to see that shake down? I am simply fascinated. And honored! To have so many people visit. So flippin’ cool and amazing.

My next query is completely selfish. I know my number counts don’t always match my readers because my ‘likes’ are sometimes more than my actual reader count. That’s ridiculous! Why doesn’t WordPress catch all of those hits when it’s obvious people are stopping by? This one confuses me a great deal.

Related to this conundrum, some of you savvy bloggers have your blogs pop up in a new tab when I click on them in the Reader. I love that feature, because I like visiting your pages and being with you and your personality, as opposed to the white background of the Reader. How did you make that magic happen?

Something I wrote to Millie about today… When I’m on my iPad reading your blogs, sometimes I have no option to create a comment. So sad! Is that just because of my iPad, or is it a WordPress thing?

Lastly, I know how to link pages, but some of you are linking bloggers’ names, and I want to do that, too. (Sorry, Millie. I am at the question stage at this point in the game, otherwise you would be linked three times by now. *smile*)

Day 87, and still a noob.



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8 thoughts on “WordPress Puzzles.

  1. Well shucks…*blush* thanks HM! I might just go and have a cup of tea and calm my chuffed self down bit 🙂 I just read this on my iPhone from wordpress and I couldn’t comment either so had to jump on the laptop. Clueless as well so can’t say I’m any great help in regards to your questions either. Sorry not much help but yes, linking bloggers would be great. Noob 2

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  2. I think the discrepancies between site hits, likes and comments is possibly due to how the posts are read …. ie by email, wordpress reader or visiting the page directly as I know I can note a ‘like’ from the wordpress app on my tablet having already read it on an email. Otherwise I haven’t got a clue as I still struggle with navigating the app let alone doing any fancy stuff 😆

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  3. To get your posts to open in a new page from feeder, go to Settings (in WP Admin) and go to “For each article in a feed, show”: then choose Summary as opposed to the default Full Text. This forces readers to visit your site in a new page via the link “visit site for full post”. This will help with your stats as well, as you can get a “like” from the reader, but it won’t register as a View. I think readers must click on your the actual post title to register as a Visit.

    RE: links, here’s how I do it: in the post editor, I type the text I want linked, then highlight it and press the link symbol in the top row of buttons. A window will open and you can paste the link (I usually visit the main blog page and copy, or you can copy from your Following list). Choose “open link in new window” so the reader is not directed away from your page (this is the target=”_blank” html tag.

    I think if you want detailed traffic info you have to upgrade $$$$ cha-ching!!

    I wasn’t able to do comments on my tablet, but can from my phone app.

    And since we are sharing, can you please tell me how you get the twitter-style hashtag to show up in your wordpress feed?? it’s driving me nuts!!

    Hope this helps!! Message me if you need additional assistance:)))

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  4. Whoops- that’s Settings- Reading.


  5. Oh, my gosh, Betty, you are a goddess!* Thank you! …. As for the hashtag – do you mean when I put it in my post title? I always post from my computer and just typed it. Are you having trouble getting to the symbol? … Again, Thank You!!!


  6. Oh, that is a good point. I forgot about email. Thank you.*


  7. I did COPIOUS amounts of WordPress research via The Google:)) Happy to share!! Ok, so I’m slow, talk to me like I’m five– you just type it into the body of your text?? Is that easy??

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  8. Betty, you make me laugh. *smile* … As for the hashtag, yes. Just type it into your text. It was that easy for me – I hope it is for you, too! Let me know what happens.

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