Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Hello, Work Life.

Me = Teacher

Summer Vacation = Days with Babes x Time with Hubs x (Directing a Show + Directing a Show) / New Sober Life

Last 3 Months = Heaven

Headed into work today for a morning meeting. Not too horrible a way to start the school year by any means. Then, I have tomorrow off, and then dive into workshop meetings on Wednesday.

Here’s the funny bit… I love my job. My career. My vocation. My calling. It truly is who I am. Through and through. I’m in love with it, and if it were possible, I would marry it and live a polygamous life. (Two Pee-Wee references in two days!) …. And even though I am in love with my job, I get nervous and excited for the school year to begin. Every. Year. Like stage fright.

Silly rabbit.

Back to School Supplies & Board

This year I am more excited than I have ever been before, and do you know why? (I bet you do.*) …. Because I am one-hundred percent s.o.b.e.r. How cool is this year going to be? (And not be – I should be a little realistic for the tough times.) But still! How CoOl?! …. For example? It’s only 7:26 am and I am wide awake, with my brain functioning pretty quickly, and enjoying my cuppa joe …. wait for it …. with no hangover! Wa-oot!

So, yes. Big things are a-happenin’ here in this monster’s life. Big, wonderful, awesome things.

Day 69, tee-hee…… (I can never say that number without giggling.)





p.s. How lucky am I that Theatre is my job?!



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8 thoughts on “Hello, Work Life.

  1. WOW! I didn’t know you were a theatre geek like me. I have an MFA in Acting. 🙂 Sounds like an exciting start to the school year – your students are going to reap the benefits of working with a Sober You. Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I got both PeeWee & that stupid number. Yep we’re immature. Sober doesn’t have to be boring or mature. Just finding the right nerdy crazy friends!


  3. Think how mc easier everything will be? And when it’s hard, take your break, even if it is just to hide in the bathroom for 5 minutes breathing deeply.
    We are sober rocks stars!


  4. Robert Crisp on said:

    Excellent. First day for me with students. So far, so good….


  5. 🙂 Hope you have/had a good day! 🙂
    There is this Alanis Morisette song from the ’90 where she sings ‘wine, dine, 69 me’. Gosh, I found that sooooo cool…..
    xx, Feeling


  6. Day 69. Heh. I do love how well my brain functions these days. It is one of the many things that are just so much easier. Lucky you, loving your job. That’s terrific.


  7. Untipsyteacher on said:

    Teaching children is such an awesome career.
    Everyday I knew I was helping the world a little bit.
    I miss teaching!
    Teaching sober would be wonderful!
    (I DON’T miss all the meetings, paperwork, pressure)

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  8. It is, Wendy. Absolutely! I always tell people I found my dream job by accident. Teaching is aMAZing. Can’t wait to begin today/tomorrow with them and be completely present.*

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