Heya, Monster.

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Dear Day 3-ers.

Listening to The Bubble Hour today on my looooooooong ride home through Midwest, USA, I heard a little gem. First, the episode I was listening to was: ‘Straight Talk About Alcoholism Signs & Symptoms,’ and I found it so realistic regarding the various stages of alcoholism. The women hosting the episode were incredibly frank about the stages they identified themselves in, as well as the symptoms they were feeling, just as they were on the verge of seeking help for their addiction, or requiring help.

As it relates to my blog post, I had a ding! moment because for whatever reason, I’ve found that several of my friends here have written that they are finding themselves having to repeat their early days over and over again. Well, in the episode, a great fact was shared that withdrawal symptoms are usually at their worst 48-72 hours into sobriety! My Dear Day 3-ers, This. Means. You!!! Isn’t that great news? You’re not crazy. You’re not alone. And yes! That Day 3 is a mother fucker! (Is it weird that I’m smiling while typing all this? It doesn’t seem like a typical thing to be happy about, but I think it is just awesome!) That Day 3 that keeps holding you back, or giving you the what-for…. It’s chemistry and biology all mixed together. It’s not you. You are not weak. You are not worthless. And you are not a jerk for not making it through that day. It’s a hurdle. A really big, sky-scraping hurdle, covered in barbs, with alligators waiting at the bottom in a murky, slimy pit, and vultures circling above you as you climb naked, but in heels (men, too) all the way to the top and over that jerky-of-the-jerkiest-Day-3s.

…. Doesn’t that give you Hope?

And a little relief? I had to share it with all of you right away. I know some of you are back in early days, and I hear your frustrations and sadness. I thought maybe hearing a bit of the physical components to the disease might make it more possible for you to get to that Days 4 and 5… And onward!

Day 66, Love from the Monster.*



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25 thoughts on “Dear Day 3-ers.

  1. What a thoughtful person you are, such a lovely post. I’m sure the all the monsterettes will appreciate it.

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  2. Monsterettes!! Love that. Can we get t-shirts??

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  3. hear, hear! good words.

    I am also evangelical about those with more time under their belts understanding the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS, which peaks between 3 to 6 months and can last for up to two years – article here: http://www.addictionsandrecovery.org/post-acute-withdrawal.htm

    ‘unexplainable’ mood swings and inability to cope with day to day stresses are down to our brain chemistry reaching a new equilibrium. we are not going crazy – we are getting sober 🙂 xx

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  4. Yes, so true! I think the first week, the beginning of anything new is the hardest. Thank you for reminding me about the bubble hour too. 🙂

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  5. Robert Crisp on said:

    Thanks for taking about PAWS; that’s one of the things that I get fired up about, too. I felt so much better when I understood what was happening to me when I literally stumbled from room to room. My physical coordination was squirrely as my brain grew accustomed to the lack of alcohol. Mood swings? Check. Also, words I meant to say often came out as nonsense or entire phrases were backwards.

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  6. Thank you for this post it’s made lovely reading. Strange maybe but I’ve been thinking about the number three myself a fair bit the last few days – day three has tripped me up myself on many occasions, but it was week three that tripped me up recently, not unusual I now know, but then I’ve also read recently the three month point can be a toughie too.
    I really am going to have to look into and work out this podcast thing

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  7. Very true! I listened to that same episode last week. The Bubble Hour and reading blogs like yours have helped me as I have yet to find ‘real life’ friends whom I can relate to. Day 21 here!

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  8. Untipsyteacher on said:

    I have read or heard that before, too.
    But I didn’t know it at the time I needed.

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  9. Gah, I love it. Thank you, Millie! And my monsterettes! *smile*


  10. Oooooh, can we?! I am picturing Mickey Mouse ears but a little funkier and kookier…. heehee.


  11. Thank you, Prim! And thank you for the article! So glad you shared it.* And you’re right…. Not crazy, just sober. Ha. Who would have thought sober would feel like crazy when we started all this, huh? *smile*


  12. Yes! Thank you, Dinah.*


  13. I don’t like that you experienced these challenges, I ‘liked’ this because I can completely relate – especially in the verbal battles. Man, those moments are rife with trickery sometimes….


  14. Oh, you should look into the podcasts. I think you can even stream them online, or download them for free through iTunes or most other platforms like it. I think you would really enjoy the conversations. … And yes to the cycles of difficulties. I hope you made it to the other side of Week 3? Those frustrations and challenges can be daunting in the thick of things.


  15. Oh, cool re. TBH. And thank you for finding me.* I’m glad to ‘meet’ you, Jess! Congrats on 21! Hells yeah!


  16. Me, too, Wendy. Thanks for the comment! p.s. I’m starting school soon, but I will be in touch.*


  17. Those are some smart ladies on the bubble hour.

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  18. Andrew M on said:

    great post for me to come across… (I’m on day 2)

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  19. I’m so glad you’re here, Andrew. Awesome job on Day 2! You can do this. *flex*


  20. Andrew M on said:

    Thanks… halfway through day 3 🙂

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  21. How is it going?


  22. Andrew M on said:

    Today was a challenge… I almost cracked earlier today. But I’m almost through with day 4 🙂


  23. Hi, Andrew. This is belated, but wanted to say huh-zah to Day 4! Where are you now? Sending you good vibes and an overall sense of kick-assity!


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