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Premature Celebration.

No one panic. This post will not dive down into the ‘blue.’ Swearsies.

I am still on vacation, and I am still a bit frazzled and craving release. This am I actually started to cry because my children were crazy beast-animals. I had a few hours of respite while we visited a family friend and they played outside for two hours, however the tension and anxiety in my shoulders hasn’t really left me at all.

So? I did a not-awesome-(but-secretly-I’m-excited-and-think-it’s-awesome)-thing.

The ‘thing’ is a $300 purchase of a Tiffany necklace I have coveted and eyed for yeeeeears. I am so happy, but feeling so guilty. So? Similar to my early 30-day splurge, I am calling this my early 100-day splurge. Guilt (mostly) resolved. *smile*

Here’s a pic:



I have to go on record and say I am very, Very good at figuring out rewards. … If any of you need help brainstorming, then just give a holler. hee. I’m happy to help!

Alright, off I go. This post is less than a tenth of yesterday’s post in grateful thanks for your awesomeness and beautiful support yesterday. I am so lucky to have so many cool people in my life via this rad thing called the interwubs.

Day 63, and happily committed to the 100-day challenge (as well as Sobriety-for-Life) Now more than ever. Ha!

p.s. Still feeling itchy on vacation. I won’t lie. The necklace helps, but still have the itch. Going to try some exercise and see if that helps. (It usually does, doesn’t it?)



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19 thoughts on “Premature Celebration.

  1. Kids will drive you to tears whether drunk or sober. Might as well be sober & crying. I’m sure you have easily saved $300 in the last 63 days by not drinking. I think you should enjoy the necklace now & get another thing at 100 days :). Lol like new shoes! (Which I never did get for myself by the way.) Lori

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  2. It’s beautiful. My 100-day reward was colored pencils and a coloring book.

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  3. Untipsyteacher on said:

    Exercise really does help, especially outside.
    I just committed to some big bucks on skin stuff, so I will look like I am a teenager, when I get to my year!

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  4. I find shopping therapy very satisfying as well.

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  5. I love the necklace! Well deserved, you.

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  6. Robert Crisp on said:

    Kids+ vacation + any parent, regardless of alcohol dependency = stress. Mucho stree El stress eh (I can’t put the little accent mark over the e). Good for you buying the necklace! Rewards are extremely important.

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  7. Robert Crisp on said:

    Apparently, I can’t type this morning. What the hell is “mucho stree”?!?! Put it together with the other thing and it’s downright bizarre…and therefore apt. I will henceforth refer to uncomfortable situations in life as Mucho stree El stress eh. Loudly. In public.

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  8. riding on empty on said:

    Don’t you just love “family travel?” I made a relatively expensive treat purchase at about the same amount of time last fall, but I had kept a sobriety tracker that told me every day how much I’d saved from just not buying booze. At the end of 100 days, I want to say I was at almost $1000. Of course, I spent that and more, but it’s the principle of the matter. Try to enjoy the rest of your time with hubs and the babes.

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  9. Glad to hear I’m not alone, Lori. p.s. Get on the shoe-train, woman!


  10. I remember when you got those! Well, I think I read about them well after the fact, but I remember reading about them. I thought they sounded like such great ideas, too! Have you finished any of the designs? You should post one or two.


  11. Haha. I think you already look like a teen! Vivacious and glowy.


  12. Yeah…. I need to be careful. *smile* But I’m glad I’m not alone. So far, doing pretty well, I think. Just have to watch myself is all. Thanks, Anne!

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  13. Thank you, Ms. Jones! *smile* When are you back from Sweden?


  14. Yep. The first time I read your reply I wondered, but rolled with it. After reading this, I’m laughing. I will also refer to them as ‘mucho stree el stress eh.’ A fitting label. Good plan!


  15. Thanks! Yes, I have a rough estimate on my weekly savings – about $100. However, my rewards are a little ridick and might need some taming as the months go on. *smile* Isn’t crazy how much we used to spend and not even think about it?! p.s. Back home and in ‘my chair!’ So happy.


  16. Tonglennow on said:

    Today’s day 3 for me. This is probably the four hundredth day 3. Yup, been swept in this circle Jerk for way to long… I keep getting back up and trying again. As a former Minnesotan, your story touched me. I’ve recently discovered these soberlicious blogs!! They help, you help. Thank you.

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  17. Oh, my goodness, I am so touched by your message. And hoo-rah for Minnesotans! *smile* Congratulations on Day 3, times 400. Seriously. So awesome that you’re back and trying again. p.s. I just wrote you a letter and didn’t even know it! Read this – https://heyamonster.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/dear-day-3-ers/ – it might help.* I’m cheering for you! -HM.


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