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Good ‘morrow, fair Internettians.

I’ve begun a ‘movement’ (of one thus far) on the Twitterverse… #alcoholnotincluded ….. I think it’s fun. It’s playful. And? It’s awesome to think, ‘Fuck yeah, I’m doing this!’ (i.e. Empowering) I would love for You and You and You to join me in it. The great thing in Sobriety is that absolutely everything is included under the title. Hee. I wake-up? #alcoholnotincluded I get shit done at work? #alcoholnotincluded I kiss my husband? #alcoholnotincluded I chase my kids? #alcoholnotincluded I mow the lawn, power wash the carpets, weed the gardens, and dig up a few mega-cement garden blocks all before dinner? Yeah… #alcoholnotincluded (That was yesterday, p.s.) It’s great. And I like catchy little jingly phrases like that, so? Funsies. Join me, cool cats. p.p.s. My Twitter – @heyamonster (Please note, I’m not super-prolific as I don’t quite understand the whole twitting world just yet, but I’m finding my wings, slowly but surely….)

Then, I made mention to abbiegirl about drinking NA beer a few times here and there when I’ve been out with friends or family. The first night I had two, because it was kind of an automatic to want More, but then the next day I realized I was just wasting calories. Since I wasn’t actually drinking for a buzz, and rather it was more for the taste, the next two times I was out, I only had one NA beer and then switched to water the rest of the time. abbiegirl was kind enough to advise me about a study done in 2011, or thereabouts, regarding the dangers of NA beer and alcoholism. I found a summary of it here, and think it’s rather interesting. A few other articles I surfed around on mentioned the same study, but they used more inflammatory language, so that’s why I chose the article I did. What are your thoughts, World?

I have to say I’m torn. I see the basis of the study. Intellectually, I get it. But emotionally? And even physically, I just like the taste of a beer once in a while. I’ve been hyper-vigilant that they actually serve me the NA variety (I prefer St. Pauli or Becks to O’Douls), and as I said, drink it for the taste rather than the effect. A huge step, I think. I know my purpose is to not get drunk, or even slightly altered. If I only drink an NA beer every once in awhile, am I really flirting with disaster, or am I conscious enough of the potential dangers that I will be okay? Hrm. Frustrating because Science…. Sometimes our innate selves just take over. Perhaps if I find myself looking forward to an NA beer, or thinking of it as a reward, then I would definitely stop it right away. But as it stands now? It doesn’t feel like a problem. What are your experiences/in-put?

And my PSA for the day… I have discovered my new favorite drink. Target’s Market Pantry Brand Sparkling Water!

My new thang...

My new thang…

In fact, I loaded up on bottles of it yesterday (approximately ten), because I’ve been drinking it so much in the evening. The best things about it? 1. It’s delicious, and A. It’s cheap! Like super-cheap. Like less than a 20 oz. bottle of soda cheap. The other day it was on sale for $.52, and regularly it sells for $.69. And I think you get a liter! Sheesh. Great deal. I’m not sure if you can get it outside of the States, but if you can, give it a try…. It comes in several yummy flavors, such as ….

  • (My aforementioned fave) Cherry Limeade
  • Peach Mango (Another delisch combo)
  • Fuji Apple
  • Tangerine Lime
  • Raspberry Blackberry
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Pomegranate Cherry

So, there you go. I need to make my way through all of the kinds, but yuuuuum. I really like it at night when my stomach just wants some bubbles. Hits the spot.

Alright, there you go. I’m off to corral the children for a little while longer before we take them to see the Minions movie. My feminist hackles are up, though, because of the first movie… It will be ridiculous (good), but I am always looking for ‘lessons’ being transmitted to my babes subconsciously, which I then must shed light on. … Man, being an adult is workworkwork, isn’t it? *smile*

Day 49, Almost half-way to 100!


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5 thoughts on “#alcoholnotincluded

  1. 🙂 I used to drink a lot of NA beer, in order to not drink cola, but I quit drinking it when I quit drinking alcohol. First because I can’t risk my sobriety in any way so there is a big NO GO sign there. Secondly, when I did think about it I felt a tiny pull which is close to wanting to drink alcohol. I’m guessing this stems from the time when I did drink NA beer while I actually wanted to drink beer. I have the same with elderflower lemonade… I drank it while trying to moderate and now it reminds me of booze more than anything. Yes, strange. 🙂 I’m thinking everybody needs to work out their own triggers but I would not advise you to challenge yourself early in sobriety. The ‘don’t drink it to get drunk’ is a rationalisation which to me sounds like it could belong in the list of addict speak. It is like drinking ‘only’ 3 beers and saying the same – so, from my point of view it is not advisable. 😦 But… I know others who do.
    Aah, also, it contains a LOT of hop (the bitter stuff) which has phyto-estrogen (fake estrogen) which throws off your bodies own hormones, builds beer breast and bellies in men and women. And it brings on histamines which cause allergic reactions to be worse. So… would that be enough reason? 🙂
    Take care, xx, Feeling

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  2. Sober husband drinks na beer and likes it. No issues.
    I am celiac and have not found a gluten free beer, but I occasionally have a mock tail (I admit to being very picky about drinking calories. I put cream in my coffee but everything else is zero). I see no difference between a virgin mojoto and a virgin beer.

    There is alcohol in orange juice, and kombucha.

    But this is a personal decision. If it triggers you. Don’t have it.
    Like the Twitter. I will try to tweet.

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  3. I’m on the NA beer bandwagon, but beer was never my “thing” so it’s not a trigger for me and honestly I’m only drinking it now because it’s hot. Last weekend we got rain and it was cold-ish and I found myself unable to finish my cold near-beer. Good point about the calories, and I found that when I switched to a plain sparkling water right after the first NA there was almost no difference– fizzy, cold, no buzz. Becks and St Pauli get my vote too, but the suburban food marts in this area haven’t caught on yet, so I’m swilling the O’Douls.

    RE: twitter, I will attempt to find and follow you. I’m a twitter twit as well and basically paw at it like a raccoon trying to get the cat food open. Can’t we go back to MySpace??

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  4. Hiya, Heya! Thanks for the mention. I’m glad that you’re giving the Near Beer consumption some thought. I have to say that I’m with FEELING on this one. Too much at stake and that’s playing way too close to the fire, for me.
    That being said, it’s each person’s decision to try it or not. I personally NEVER drank beer for the taste…well, maybe the beer in Germany wasn’t awful, but, yeah, it was always about getting numb. But that’s just me. 🙂
    I like your writing and if I twittered, I’d be all about sharing your #. It’s pretty fun. Ttfn

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  5. Aw, awesome. Thank you.* … As for the mention – of course! I hadn’t even known about the study until you said something. So glad you did. I’m still thinking about it and will probably post on the topic again in the future. Glad we’ve connected! -HM.

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