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Adventures in Companying.


It’s been a week to say the least. All good on the sober front. Happy and incredibly productive. I’ve been spending long days at the theatre away from my fan, so that has been stressful, but? The good news is the show opened yesterday and was received very well. I had some surprise guests, which made my night, as well as some familiar faces there to cheer on the cast and crew. Huh-zah! Huh-zazz! Huh-zee!

Yesterday with most of my ducks in a row, I decided I was going to be the most awesome of awesomest moms in the world and dote on my children’s every word, and give them All the attention, and love them up to bits and bits. Reality? I sat in front of my computer for three hours, zoned out on sober blogs, the HuffPost, and random shopping websites, and just browsed and browsed and browsed. My poor babes. *smile* But it was so necessary! I never remember, every single show I do, when it’s all up and ready to go, I just get knocked over. Completely. Absolutely no energy to do Anything. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Nein. …. So that was my yesterday until I got my butt off the chair cushion, dropped the babes off, and then cleaned our costume room for three and a half hours. Still. Mom of the Year Award? Not it. … Again.

So, today is a little better. Met a friend for breakfast (an ex-bf’s mom to be exact), and caught up with her a bit while trying to wrangle the crazy babes who wouldn’t sit still, shut-up, or eat their breakfasts. Being a mom/parent is a little tricky sometimes, isn’t it?

Then, we cruised home so that I could clean our house, which has been sadly neglected these past two weeks, in order to get ready for my parents to come to town. They arrived this afternoon. Naps were skipped. Visiting was done. Babes were adorable. And now? My parents are coming to my show tonight, and to my other show tomorrow. Very nice. Wonderful in fact.

The only thing? It’s my first visit with them sober. Whoa!

So? Things are going okay. We have already talked about it a teeny bit. My dad asked me how things were going. I told him ‘very well.’ And now? Well… I won’t have time to go out after the show tonight because of said children not napping, so that is one stressor off. But then tomorrow? I mean, we’ll be fine. I will be fine. I just find myself missing it a little – the drinking – because it’s how we would chill out. You know, like most families everywhere in the world….

So, yeah. My parents aren’t the physical stressor. I think it’s just my mind and my habit of associating drinking with their visits. …. It’s all me, in other words. *smile*

Day 45, I’ve missed you People!*


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5 thoughts on “Adventures in Companying.

  1. Being an awesome mom is more of a “cumulative GPA” thing, so in the big picture your little zone-out times are not going to matter. So say I! And the time you are spending with them is much more focused now that you are sober and present, it all counts.
    Love seeing posts about “having a great day/week”! Enjoy reading about sober happiness! Obviously we’re all going to have a “shit” day/s now and again but it’s nice to feel like our struggles are starting to pay off in EXCESSIVE QUALITY OF LIFE. Who knew?

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  2. Ha. I like that – a cumulative GPA. Good thought. …. And yes to the last re. QoL. Yeaaaah!


  3. When hanging with people who are used to seeing you drink, I suggest you get a shirley temple or another “virgin” drink to carry around with you. Most people assume (if they’re drinking) that we’re drinking, too. As long as I keep a guard on my drink, they can think what they like. Even though I know if I WAS drinking, we would have never made it past the appetizers.
    Family is a tricky one. Keep your phone handy. 😉

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  4. Love the idea about a fizzy drink for camouflage. Oddly, I’ve been enjoying a NA beer with friends this past week, but I like the idea of a pretty drink to walk around with at parties. Thank you for the idea.*

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  5. I strongly encourage you to stop with the “na” beer. “Near beer” HAS alcohol in it. I personally know people who relapsed after drinking that. Of course, I’d think it was harmless, too, if I hadn’t heard the awful stories from those who had thought they were “safe”.
    Whatever you decide, I’m glad I could give you another idea for your Recovery Toolbox. 🙂


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