Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Fluff ‘n Stuff.

A check-in mid-week….

Things are going good. Getting stuff done for the show opening which happens next week. Liking how things are coming together. A little panicky because I am strong-arming the costuming and I don’t really know how to pull it all together, but we’re in a good place considering we are a week out and not a day before opening. Today and tomorrow, I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and painting and reupholstering and designing … I love the eclectic demands of theatre. I have to know (or learn) how to do everything. It’s so fun and challenging. … Ha. Yesterday, I turned a skirt into pants for the first time in my life. … As it was the first time, I also happened to attach one side right-side out to the other, which was inside-out. Fun times. Re-do! That is happening today as well. Hee.

Exercise is good. Adding in a kettle bell program every other day so that I’m not just jogging. I need more muscles! Rrrrrrr! (That’s me growling and flexing my currently non-existent muscles, p.s.)

Enjoying time with the babes this am. Having a friend join us for breakfast. The dishwasher still hasn’t been run and the house is a mess, but that’s okay. I will tidy up and call it good.

Sobriety-wise, I haven’t really had time to think about it too much. It’s going well. I still appreciate the fact it’s not an option to drink. It just isn’t, so I don’t. Am thinking I would like to return to the group I met last week, but I may have to miss it as my therapy appointment is the same time.

And lastly, feelings. … Nothing more than feelings…. I feel like I stepped into the Land of Oz when everything turns Technicolor. Every nuance of an emotion, every curve and dip and swing up is so vibrant in me. I know I vent my negatives here, but I have to vouch that my positives are just as colorful. It’s fascinating to experience these crazy impulses again after so long not feeling them …. Or, of so long having the grey-scale versions of them. Literally, fitting them into a box. Living with my emotions is far more interesting and fun, I have to say. And there are SO many of them. Ha.

Day 37, we’re not in Kansas anymore…


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5 thoughts on “Fluff ‘n Stuff.

  1. Nope. Not in Kansas.
    It’s really amazing to see life in technicolor instead of grey. I felt just like that too.
    What a sad existence that was.
    I’m excited for you! New things are fun, even if they require tearing our seams and re sewing!

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  2. Haha! So well put.*

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  3. Millie on said:

    It is amazing how much more positive life is without the dull, throb of booze, I think getting a goods night sleep without it helps too. Congrats on day 37!

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  4. “It just isn’t, so I don’t.” Love that! Just “no”.

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  5. Thank you, Millie! Happy to ‘meet’ you.*

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