Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

Milestone, the First.

Hello, one and all.

I am here to enthusiastically and excitedly and kind of a bit unbelievingly announce that li’l ol’ me has made it to thirty days sober!

Cue marching band.

Cue fancy aerial flyover team with rainbow-colored exhaust.

Cue standing ovation from all the world’s leaders.

Cue penguins. (Just because.)

… Yep. That should do it. *smile* It’s a good day (it’s only an hour into it, but I am feeling that it is, and hopefully, that it will remain so). Had a mostly satisfying jog, and when I got in, the hubs was on his way out. He gave me a kiss and said, ‘Happy day 30.’ That was my favorite so far. … Oh! And I already have my new shoes! hee. Yep. I’m good to go. I’ve been celebrating for the past ten days in preparation. …. Oh, Monster…. *sitcomshakeoftheheadandsmile*

A (teenytiny) word of caution to those jumping into sobriety… Well, first, no caution, but awesome! Do it! It’s amazing and freeing and great and you will love yourself again. Promise. … Second, the (teenytiny) word of caution: Try to remember yourself in your journey. This past week, with all my posts, and let’s admit it, all my naval gazing, I lost sight of myself. I substituted the crush of staying sober, the need, the be-all, end-all for my own interests and pursuits. I became a bit over-dramatic (Who? Me?!), and had far too much time on my hands what with the holiday weekend and no rehearsals keeping me somewhat occupied. It really is funny because I come across parents like this every year, wonderful people, but not enough to do, and they make my job (teacher) frustrating and a little ridiculous. Without even noticing it, I became one of those people, but instead of focusing on my children, I focused on sobriety. Cool in terms of passion and commitment, but seriously. I was driving myself (and maybe You?) nutso. …. So, I started reading my novel that I had put down a month ago when I became enamored with the SoberBlogosphere, and I also started watching a little crap-summer-TV. And, I got going on projects for this coming year, as well as my current show. Woot. To all of it. So, newbies (says the wise-sage of thirty days), keep yourself in the mix. Try not to all-or-nothing it, if you can help it. (Pisces, sorry, but we’re fucked. You just have to learn the hard way. Every. Time.)

I’m not just my sobriety. Gah. Funny how quickly I ‘addict’ to something, right? … Hello, Predisposition. Fancy meeting you here…. Still in fine form, I see.

Alright. The end for the mo. I will save you all for the time being as I’m that aggravating unicorns-poop-rainbows-kind of a person today. (Does anyone else find it odd that that image/joke has made it into the zeitgeist? People are weird.)

Day 30, (a non-alcoholic) *clink*



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13 thoughts on “Milestone, the First.

  1. Bravo Monster! Xxx

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  2. Congrats! Keep doing what you are doing!

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  3. A few thoughts:
    1. Yay!!!!
    2. Are you saying you were a Helicopter Soberist?
    3. I think rainbow unicorn poop wouldn’t even be bad to step in and would probably smell like Fruit Loops.

    I have emerged recently like yourself (day 38) out of the hyperfocus. And realized, okay I’m living now, I’m here, time to jump back in to life with my rediscovered AWESOMENESS.
    Month two: we’re doing it!!!

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  4. Congrats!

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  5. Woo! Yes to all of this. Big sober online hugs, flowers and cake to you.

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  6. Fantastic! Happy 30 to you!!

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  7. 30 days is fantastic! well done you.

    oh and the obsession with notdrinking – I remember it well! I felt like a dog chasing its own tail….eventually your mind will get bored of it SQUIRREL 😉 distract and rule! xx

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  8. Love the analogy! Thank you.*

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  9. Oh, yum! Let’s make it lemon cake, with a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake on the side! And maybe a blueberry pie for good measure…. hee.

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  10. Thank you!*


  11. 1. Thank you! *smile*
    2. Yes. Ha!
    3. Ew. Fruit-Poop!
    (4.) Congrats to You! We Are doing it!


  12. Thank you, dear Bea.*

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  13. Robert Crisp on said:

    *sitcomshakeoftheheadandsmile* indeed. Wonderful post…I’m glad I found your blog. Well, you found mine, but still.

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