Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.


1 bottle of vino = approx. 650 calories

1 food binge while drinking said vino = approx. 1000 calories

23 days sober = 23(650) + 23(1000)

Total Calories Not Consumed in 23 Days Sober = 37, 950

Holy. Fucking. Shit. That’s a shit-tonne of calories that have not gone into my body. Wow. I’m kind of floored. And kind of super-fucking proud that I cut back on my calories so significantly, even though I didn’t really do anything except stop drinking the booze, which would then, stop giving me the cravings to eat yummy, fatty foods while I was drinking the booze. I’m also kind of surprised I maintained that intake for almost the past 3 or 4 years straight. No wonder I had some self-confidence issues. No wonder I was missing my svelte self. Jesus Christ.

# of days I had no idea what an idiot I was = All of them.

# of days I was actually an idiot = ALL of them.

I will admit to continuing to be an idiot. I tried putting on a smaller sized pair of jeans yesterday, thinking the pounds had already all melted off because I feel mostly good in my body, but? Nope. Not yet. Yes, of course, to losing some of the bloating, etc., but all those years of ingesting … everything I wanted … has really added up (math)… literally. The non-idiot part of me knows it’s going to take a bit longer than 3 weeks to shed these lovely alcoholic curves, but I have hope. More than I did than when I was imbibing, as I found myself day after day stuck at the same weight, with the same puffy shape. … And now I know why. … Idiot. … Again.


Day 23, I understand if you roll your eyes at me. I would.


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11 thoughts on “Math.

  1. Ashleigh Mayes on said:

    Loved this post! I am massively guilty of inhaling everything in sight ever when I am on a booze binge. I have gone up a couple dress sizes in the past year. Back to the gym and sober living. We can do this!

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  2. Yes, we can! Thanks for the follow, Ashleigh. Happy to ‘meet’ you.*

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  3. Honestly, sobriety rarely has weight loss.


  4. Was adding up the calories too myself, doubt that sobriety will bring me much weight loss as I’ve ‘replaced’ the calories, just trying to balance naughty ones with good ones

    well done on 23 days, hope you’re feeling better after your rolla coaster few days

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  5. Tut, tut, a. I need a little illusion right now… A silver-lining, if you will. I am holding onto my myth awhile longer… *smile*


  6. Heya. Thanks! I kind of sugared out this morning at the theatre with my kids, but other than that, I’ve been mostly balanced intake-wise. … And yes, mostly better now. Phew! The tired is creeping in still, but that’s better than psychotic. *smile*


  7. I know for many sobriety = weight gain as they replace the calories with other indulgences. And that’s fine — who cares, as long as you’re not drinking? But for me (happily), sobriety = weight loss. When I drink I tend to stuff myself with snacks, then eat massive bowls of ice cream right before bed. When I’m not drinking I just don’t have the desire to stuff that much junk down my throat. Here’s hoping it works for you, too!


  8. Lol
    The reality is we are all different! Some lose, some gain. Some stay the same!

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  9. Except for today, I’m following more along your path. Here’s hoping… *smile*


  10. mishedup on said:

    no eye-rolling here…23 days is awesome!
    congratulations…you are off to a marvelous start!

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  11. Ha. Thank you, mished.* Happy I found you!


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