Heya, Monster.

A SoberBlog by a TallWoman.

A Few To-Dos.

G’morning to some and Good evening to others. I’m here with a few things in mind and in the works…

First, last week I met with my therapist (hi (*smile*)), and in our meeting, I told her I had taken the plunge into sobriety. She was elated, as she has been encouraging me to consider it for, oh… The past 2 years. And I finally did it! So, there was that huge step in our work together. Woot-to-the-oot. During the meeting, I also mentioned, kind of from the hip, that I was going to shoot for 100 days sober, and sign-up for Belle’s Sober Challenge, which I have been thinking about off and on since. And, do you know? I did it. I signed up. Waiting for confirmation, but receiving the readings and such from Belle, so that is cool and happening.


Second, why do anything in a great way when you can do it in a smashing (not smashed) way? … There was another challenge offered via the one and only Belle yesterday, which connected to the Summer & Winter Solstices. The Solstice Challenge really spoke to me, particularly the part about having the earth move with you, and as I said in my comment – perhaps, sometimes, moving me along.

From Summer...

    From Summer Solstice…  

... To Winter Solstice

… To Winter Solstice

So, yes. I’m onboard for both exciting challenges, and already wondering what my life will be like then, as I am already loving the small changes here and now.

For smaller, more personal goals, I am planning on staying part of this whole Blogatropolis a-happenin’ around me. I also have a few sober memoirs tagged, which I am going to get started on today or tomorrow. Thanks to How to Vomit Politely’s blog post yesterday, I found Sarah Hepola’s beautifully written memoir Blackout. I’m very excited to read that. I am also hoping to declutter our teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy house some in the coming weeks. I feel like we’re being slowly squeeze out of our space with all the shite that accumulates so stealthily and ninja-like. And finally, I picked up a dorky creative writing prompt book yesterday at the book store. I did the first exercise last night, and am thinking I may finish my evenings with that each night – when I feel like it.

So, cool. Lots to do.

And also, a mini-big-to-do (they’re possible):

Day 14. 2 weeks, baby. Fuck yeah. (There was not nearly enough swearing in this post, so I had to make up for it a bit here.)



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7 thoughts on “A Few To-Dos.

  1. Yes! Love your solstice photos. Seems you are finding your sober groove. I’m a huge fan of swearing, so am glad you remedied the omission. Congrats on two weeks! And on the decluttering goal. Fuck yeah! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! Congrats on your 14 days! 🙂 Cool!
    xx, Feeling


  3. Thank you, Feeling!


  4. A fornight! Tremendous! Go you, sweary monster x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s like the Kool-Aid Man for grown-ups… Fuck yeaaaaah! Ha.


  6. Time and the Bottle on said:

    I waited for a spot in 100 day sober challenge since May. I just barely got it. So hang -in there, you’ll get your spot soon. Day 14 is simply awesome. Keep on going!


  7. That’s a good thing to hear. Thank you for finding me and commenting, Time!


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